Food Review: Moshi Koshi The Noodle Boss

Moshi Koshi is a Japanese restaurant in Market market that sells both Ramen and rice meals. It’s located strategically in the middle of the mall and we tried it once when we visited the place. Let me share you my review:


I asked my friend if she could find a restaurant that has no lines at all because I was too hungry and it’s past lunch time already. We ordered ramen and a bento meal, and it only took about 10 mins before our food has been served. My bento meal comes with a drink and miso soup.


That day, since I was very hungry and having a headache at the same time, I felt the need to eat something that would make me feel better. My friend ordered Ramen because their tag line is “Ramen boss” and I have to say that their Ramen is good. It’s flavorful and a bit huge for its price.

However, I was the one who ordered Chicken Karaage because another friend of mine introduced me to that food in one of the famous Japanese food chains in Manila and I eventually liked it. So for this one, I decided to try their Chicken Karaage. Chicken Karaage is a type of Japanese dish which make use of garlic and ginger as its main flavoring and marinate and has a little sour and sweet taste. Yep, it’s fried!

Their Chicken Karaage comes in a bento box with some dishes which I initially find weird because instead of complementing with the taste, they confused me further. One even tasted like chicken sandwich spread and some pickled ones that doesn’t really taste good at all.

It’s pickled but it gives me a feeling that it tastes extremely garlic and gingery taste. When I had the chicken, the gingery taste was too strong. I was served with three parts, but I only ate 2 because I was too hungry and I need to eat. I love their miso soup though their rice is also in great shape.

We finished our food ASAP and I decided to transfer to another restaurant as I felt that my condition got worse after eating the food. I can’t really blame the food at all because I was not in good shape that time but I’ve expected it to help me lessen my bad feeling, but it obviously didn’t.

Ella’s Recommendation

  1. I suggest that you just order Ramen.
  2. It’s best that you also try their miso soup.
  3. Price wasn’t very high so I suggest that you try it.


Market Market, Taguig City


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