Jeju, South Korea: Chilsong Street Shopping District (제주 칠성로 상점가)

Ever asked where’s the best spot to do your shopping in Jeju Island? Chilsong-ro or Chilsong street (제주 칠성로 상점가) have lots of quality product shops that are really in good shape and price.

It was said that the boom of Jeju Island before was due to the number of Chinese tourists but it gets lower as most of them come to Seoul nowadays.

This caused the abrupt downfall of some businesses in the busy streets of Jeju. Somehow, I felt a little empty about the street. There were areas that are obviously abandoned already. Despite that, in Chilsong-ro or Chilsong street still managed to provide all your needs.

Ella’s experience

It’s usually a busy street depending on the time you’ll be coming. We arrived a little early on the place so it isn’t crowded yet. During winter, they give an all out sale that you can score branded shoes at around $20-30. Take note, those are popular brands already. Aside from the branded shops, you can also find street vendors selling guguma (roasted sweet potato) which I regret that I didn’t try.

How do you keep up with the cold? There are coffee shops literally every corner of this place so to lessen the cold, try some of them!!! It’s just funny that there’s a guy behind wearing shorts on a winter. There are restaurants there as well so there’s nothing to worry about.

This shopping mall is located in an underpass. We were not able to check this one since we have a limited time to roam around but we saw it and it’s pretty near this street. They said you can find lots of good stuffs there as well. Even though I am already satisfied with the products found in Chilsong street.

Since my friend asked me to buy her a cushion, there you go! We toured around this area to find Innisfree and Nature Republic but it’s already closed probably because it’s a holiday but still lucky enough to find an open Innisfree shop!!


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