Jeju, South Korea : Hareubang Gaekjujib (하르방 객주집)

If you are familiar with unlimited samgyupsal, how about some unlimited bulgogi? Try it here at Haerubang Gaekjujib (하르방 객주집). Unlimited Pork Bulgogi? You got it right! I tried one in Jeju and it exceeds my expectations! You can’t beat South Korea for its marinade when it comes to meat! Also, you can see the ‘health conscious’ side they have with the banchans (that’s how they call their side dishes). All the side dishes matches the main dish very well so give it all a try!

Ella’s Experience

This is how the restaurant looks from the outside ♥ The one we tried is the 15,000 won Unlimited Bulgogi deal. It comes with a bottomless refill of side dishes too! Also, since it’s a memorable eat out for me, let me tell you one thing I love the most about Korean food! Guess what it is? It’s the rice! The way they cook the rice and the variety of grain they use is just extremely good, you’ll keep coming for more!

**At the back of these restaurants, you can see windmills!!!

It’s super spacious that it can accommodate the whole company for a night out! As for us, we only occupied half of the venue even though we had four tourist buses with us! Here’s the mouth-watery pork bulgogi we had!!! Since it’s unlimited, our table had two refills of it and guess what, our team had the least consumption of it!

Here’s some of the side dishes you’ll gonna love. I personally don’t enjoy garlic but I noticed that most of my Korean friends grill it with the meat and add it on their “sam” so I tried it once. Still, it’s not really my style but it’s not as bad as I expected it to be. I really like radish so i ate the radish kimchi quite a lot! Probably about 2 servings for that.


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