Jeju, South Korea: Ecoland (에코랜드테마파크)

If I am to talk about the worst and best experience in Jeju Island, it would be about Ecoland! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the fault of Ecoland Theme Park that my friend and I suffered a lot from the cold. It’s just that we were not too prepared for the long walks and winter! The cold totally bothered us anyway!

Ella’s Experience

Ecoland is famous for its railway that will bring you around Ecoland. ♥ It is divided into four stations/ stops. You can hop on or off the train and it arrives every 10 mins. The first one is the main entrance which is the starting point of the trip.

Luckily, I had the chance to ride the first trip ’cause if not, I might be as solid as stone when the next ride arrives. There were heaters on the waiting station but we were too many that I can’t even come close to the heater!! I personally think that coming to Ecoland in winter is not a good idea. There weren’t that many things to see and it’s super uncomfortable to walk outside with the weather. I look like a gnome in the photo.

The second station is where you’ll gonna walk and pass through a bridge with a lake like view, it was surrounded with trees which I bet looks extremely pretty during fall and spring. I have layered clothes already but the cold kills me to the bones.

Also, the strong wind keeps slapping my face, I no longer feel anything. I enjoyed running at some point. Running from one station to another instead of walking because it’s really cold. Good thing I am always prepared taking selfies!

This breathtaking view is located inside a coffee shop. I mean, I am inside a coffee shop. HAHA. It was really cold for me to come out. In fact, the place looked like a huge reunion is happening because everybody’s hiding inside the shop. The area where I took this photo is actually the spot where I am seating. Hiding in this shop made me took this photo so it’s not bad at all. By the way, the churros with cream inside are to die for!!!

There are lots of good spots for picture taking in Ecoland, it’s just that my phone keeps turning off probably ’cause it can’t cope up with the cold like me. I just totally messed up in Ecoland. HAHAHA. This one is called the observation ‘deck?’ When you come up here, you’ll see the breathtaking view of Ecoland!

Just to at least bring home one proper Instagram worthy photo in Ecoland, we came here and battled out with the cold. After this, we went back to the station and probably had one of the longest waiting game in my life for the ride to arrive. I already felt numb at that time. I was probably exposed on the cold for about 30 mins! We have no winter in the Philippines!!!!

On our way back, I was sitting with a Korean family and the uncle of the kid looks like Gong Yoo. I super enjoyed the ride on the way back with that idea! HAHAHA. They were playing and joking about random stuff and I pretended not to understand anything. A few minutes before the end of the ride, I expressed myself on them and they were obviously surprised!

I told them about how much I suffered with the cold and I how much I enjoyed the food in Jeju! They were happy about it and said they have a restaurant and I should visit it next time. Unfortunately, I can no longer remember the name of the restaurant. Should I start visiting each restaurant in Jeju to find them?


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