Korean Rapper Marucci Holds A Back-To-Back Fanmeeting in Manila!

20 lucky fans had the chance to interact, have fun and chill with the coolest Korean rapper under Future Makers Korea, Marucci — whose latest collaboration was AXM together with the previous member of Ukiss, Alexander Lee. Here’s an overview of what transpired during the fanmeeting:

Event Highlights

 Ms. An (the producer of Marucci) thanked all the fans and prepared a short speech for everyone. Through her heartwarming welcoming remarks, she got a little teary-eyed as she shares how grateful she is for having ‘aracci,’ the fans of Marucci who supported him all the way from different provinces and cities to attend the special fanmeeting.

Afterwards, fans get to introduce themselves one by one. Some even shared their messages for Marucci who is obviously enjoying the fan meeting! Attendees include a group of friends, families, and individuals who give a fair share to support Marucci in his endeavor to provide quality music to his fans.

After the quick snacks, fans handed over their gifts for Marucci and got the chance to take photos and hugs! The best among the gifts include this handmade artwork from a fan.

The attendees had the chance to bring home loot bags which include Korean stuff and a signed poster from Marucci. Additionally, there are cute bracelets that were handed over and was requested by Ms. Anne for us to wear throughout the event signifying that the words written on the bracelet are the Aracci Family. Aside from that, items were raffled out to some lucky fans!

Kind enough, Marucci wrote handwritten letters to fans, took photos and chatted with everyone. He’s active enough to jive in with their wits and promptly respond in a funny manner.

What else is the best way to end the event? It’s no other than having a group photo with Marucci! Would you like to experience the same fun that the attendees had? It’s not too late yet!

This November 25, a send-off party for Marucci will be happening in Snow Panda Circuit Makati, 4PM on November 25, 2018. The event is free and you just need to purchase food or drinks from the restaurant to join the games, fan signing, and other activities. Slots are limited so make sure that you join the group (Aracci Family) and sign up for a slot! See you there? 


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