An Open Letter To My Cosmos, Kim Hanbin [A Recap of B.I’s Hype Up Tour in Manila]

A wave of euphoria washes over Manila even days after B.I’s swaggin’ stop for his Hype Up Tour. The energy from his performance lingers and for many fans, (including us!!) it’s the perfect opportunity to express their gratitude. In this open letter, we pour our hearts out to Kim Hanbin, the man who continues to illuminate our universe.

Dear Hanbin,

I don’t know where to start but let me begin by saying that you always remind me that it’s a beautiful life

Just like what my friend said, you have a way of encouraging people to dream and become the best version of themselves. Through your songs, your actions, your words. Through letting us know that we are loved. And that makes you the one and only B.I

Back in October 2021, I had an opportunity to do an email interview with you when I was still a writer. At that time, I wasn’t a fan yet but after seeing your answer to my question “What is your favorite feeling?”, I just knew that I would be supporting you from then on. You shared that you like solitude and you enjoy being alone—something so rare because most people tend to see this as being sad—which is also my favorite feeling.

Over the years, I was able to see you perform live in all your solo concerts and fan meetings in the country. I’ve been to a lot of K-pop events but attending yours makes me the happiest. With you, it always feels like it’s the first time even if it’s already the sixth. Just like when I attended “B.I 2024 Tour: Hype Up In Manila.”

It’s been a week since your concert and this fond memory still lives in my head rent-free. I haven’t seen anyone who can sing, dance, and rap for more than three hours and still have the same unmatched energy from start to finish.

On top of that, you went down the stage multiple times to interact with fans. I witnessed how IDs cried tears of joy upon seeing you up close and how grateful they were that you were there. It was also an assurance that no matter how often you come to Manila, you will get the same unwavering support every single time. I remember a line from your fan club’s video that said “There’s no need for you to find us because we will always come to you first” and this is so true. You will always be loved by us.

I have to admit that I wasn’t able to keep up with your new releases and get updates when 2024 started but during “Hype Up In Manila,” I realized one thing: I will always come back to you even if I become a fan of other K-pop artists. I still catch myself smiling whenever I remember our interactions during your concerts, your words are still a reminder that whatever I feel is valid, and your songs still give me hope in the darkest hours. You are still my number one.

Hanbin, what I admire the best about you aside from appreciating the beauty of solitude is that you take a rest without giving up. You bounce back and become even stronger and braver. This inspires me to do the same as I weather through the storms. When you said that there’s no need to worry if things don’t work out and that I’ll figure it out as always, it became my inspiration to continue dreaming. Please know that when the world turns its back on you and some dreams don’t come true, I will be on your side.

Thank you, Hanbin, for making me feel alive. It’s a pleasure to live in the moment with you—and live in the same lifetime as you.

By: Irene Lorenzana


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