Fangirl Kdrama Characters That Manifest How Far We Can Go To Meet Our Oppas

Are you a fangirl? If you are, then you’ll probably enjoy watching these fangirls being our spirit animal and proving that a healthy ‘fangirling’ can do us good too. Without further ado, let me introduce some of my favorite fangirls in kdramaland!

Ahn Jeong Ha – Record of Youth 청춘기록

Ahn Jeong Ha is the lucky fangirl-to-idol’s girlfriend that we’ve all dreamt of. She’s the mother of the saying “Fangirling over you is therapeutic.” — Thus, simply proving that the number of hours we spent watching dramas, streaming music videos, and buying merch aren’t wasteful, that’s healing and self-care.

Aside from that, what I love about Jeong Ha’s character is that she is straightforward in her actions and words. I love how she started to work for her dreams and how she managed to achieve her dreams of becoming a successful make-up artist while of course ‘fangirling’ on the side.

Seon Deok Mi – Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

Seon Deok Mi is the most ‘ideal’ fangirl. She is a professional curator at Cheum Museum of Art by day and a pro fangirl by night. Her love for her idol ‘Sian’ made her create a fancafe named ‘Sian is my life.’ 

It is a fansite where she talked about Sian, share her fansite photos and welcomes new fans of Sian (also known as white ocean.) She wanted to keep her fangirl life lowkey so she constantly wears a uniform in all Sian’s events. One day, the gallery she is working at decided to work with Sian. Thus, it is finally Deok Mi’s chance to meet Sian outside her fangirl life. 

What I also love about this drama is that aside from Deok Mi’s musings, she also started to develop her feelings with her boss Ryan Gold.

Sindy – Her Private Life 그녀의 사생활

If we have Seon Deok Mi as the protagonist in the drama, we also have Sindy, the possessive fan. Her love for Cha Sian almost made her a ‘sasaeng’ (stalker). Sasaeng fans are the worst kind of fans you’ll ever meet. Even if their only goal is to support the artist, their actions are too much to handle. 

She decided to work at the Cheum Museum of Art, the gallery owned by her mom just to stalk Seon Deok Mi and Ryan Gold. On the other hand, she still got a cute side whenever the topic is Cha Sian. There are funny instances wherein she bought a hundred copies of albums to at least score a spot in a fanmeet. Aside from that, she is really enthusiastic whenever her work is related to Sian’s upcoming exhibition.

Sung Shi Won – Reply 1997 응답하라

Highlighting how the fangirls in 90’s used to live. Sung Shi Won is the mother of all kdrama fangirls. In her high school years, Sung Shi Won idolizes the first generation Kpop boy group H.O.T. In the early years of Kpop, fanwars are totally huge and stanning only one group is highly encouraged.

I love how the drama showcased how friendships could simply end because they are supporting different groups. Aside from that, you could see how much effort that fans give their idols as they prepare for thousands of balloons, merch slogans and more for concerts. If you are not a fangirl or fanboy yourself, you’ll probably find it overboard but if you are a fan, you can totally relate to it.

Who are the fangirl kdrama characters you love?


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