Fiancee: Jung Joon Young Fanmeeting in Manila Experience

Are you Jung Joon Young’s fiancee? Claim it ’cause everyone who attended the Fiancee; Jung Joon Young Fanmeeting in Manila deserves to be called one! 

Let me ask you, were you able to count how many times you laughed, screamed, and sing along during his recent event in ABS-CBN Vertis North Tent for his first-ever fan meeting in Manila? A dream come true for both the fans and Joon Young! Truly, it’s a dream come true for Jungbrahimovics!

Pre-event happenings

My friends are very excited during the raffle draw and guess what, all of us got the special group photo perk for the SVIP ticket holders!! The generosity of VIU for the fans is just superb so we are all excited for the perks! This is the first time that my squad all made it to the group photo perk and we are super grateful for the chance.

Indeed, we’re all excited and thankful for the chance to see Jung June Young up close. The day that the event has been announced, I’ve been so pressured by how I am supposed to score myself passes for the event, and thank God this happened.

During the raffle, I luckily picked a chance to have a group photo and a signed poster of JJY! I feel so lucky that day! Viu Philippines will be releasing the photos for this event afterward so I’ll be updating this blog as well.

The line wasn’t that long in the claiming area ’cause it opened about five hours before the event starts. There is also a booth where you can leave your gifts for Jung Joon Young. As we wait for the event to start, my squad decided to eat out first in Ayala Vertis North. As a South person, I am surely clueless of this place so I needed to walk around with my friends all the time or I’ll get lost before the event starts.

The Jung Joon Young Fanmeeting

As fans aren’t allowed to take photos during the fan meeting, I used my phone to take a few snaps and seconds of videos. Can you imagine how close this photo is? He shared his heartwarming vocals when he sang Spotless Mind, Becoming Dust, Sympathy, and the recently released Fiancee.

You cannot find someone who has the same guts and humor as JJY. Asked what he missed the most about the Philippines, it’s not the beaches and views but the all-time favorite Kare-Kare and San Miguel beer!

Also, everyone busted out laughing after he mentioned about his 2 days one-night family where he was tagged as ‘the genius,’ but to our surprise, he explained that he’s not genius and that the other casts were just old.

To find the Fiancee of JJY for the night, games together with the fans have been played. Even though my friends and I weren’t on stage, we still burst out laughing at the competitiveness of the participants on stage.

I’ve seen a number of fan meetings already but every time I attend, I still have that unending laughter especially when I meet my friends and we watch events together. It’s true that I am not a super fan of Jung Joon Young but this is a fun experience indeed.

“Dear fiancee dear my love,
나 약속할게 영원토록
너만 보며 널 지켜줄게
어떤 순간에도”

And for a few days now, I still have LSS with the song Fiancee. Fiancee; Jung Joon Young Fanmeeting in Manila is brought to us by Viu Philippines.


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