Fun Reasons Why I Renewed For Korean Cultural Center PH’s ‘The Krew’ Volunteer Program

As “The Krew,” the volunteer program of the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, launches its 11th batch, it coincides with a significant milestone in the enduring diplomatic relationship between the Philippines and Korea, which also marks its 75th anniversary this year. Hence, this year’s theme for The Krew is “75 Friends for 75 Years of Friendship.”

I find myself reflecting on my seven-year journey with this remarkable community. This year, we welcomed the largest batch of K-culture friends yet with 75 new friends, which is double the usual number of K-friends recruited yearly. Here are some of the reasons why I am always excited to renew:

My Friends and the Growing Circle

At the heart of “The Krew” are the friendships we form. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting people from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for Korean culture. Be it Kpop, Kdrama, food, travel or more than that, some of my Krew friends really became my closest friends to date. These friendships have grown into a supportive network, enriching both my personal and professional life.

Fun Events

One thing that I personally enjoy as part of The Krew are the fun events that KCC organizes. As supporters, we were given access to activities that allows us to deepen our understanding of Korean culture. These activities are often open to public so even if you are not a part of the volunteers, you can still enjoy it!

Everything is FREE

One of the most appealing aspects of KCC events is that all events and activities are offered free of charge. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can participate and enjoy the cultural experiences we offer. In fact, even the classes offered by the center are all free of charge.

Yes to New Opportunities

Volunteering with “The Krew” has opened doors to new opportunities and experiences that I never would have encountered otherwise. Whether it’s assisting with cultural exhibitions, contests, school caravans, booth and more, every event brings a chance to learn and grow. I even had the chance to cover events for Korean Cultural Center.


“The Krew” also offered a unique glimpse into Korean Cultural Center-organized events. When I started as a volunteer, I had a chance to see and get involved in working as staff for Pinoy Kpop Star and a few more. This helped me a lot in building my portfolio and even my network as well. Aside from that, it helped me gain valuable insights and skills along the way.


As a volunteer, I’ve had the chance to contribute to the promotion of Korean culture in the Philippines through social media campaigns, outreach efforts, and collaborations with local partners. It’s incredibly rewarding to see our work resonate with audiences and spark interest in Korean arts and traditions.


One of the highlights of volunteering with “The Krew” is the opportunity to participate in the organization of cultural exhibits. These immersive showcases celebrate various aspects of Korean heritage, from art and literature to technology and innovation, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

K-pop and K-drama

For fans of K-pop and K-drama like myself, “The Krew” is a haven for sharing our love of Korean entertainment. Whether it’s attending fan gatherings, organizing watch parties, or participating in themed events, there’s always something exciting happening for enthusiasts of Korean pop culture.

Family-like Bonds

Finally, returning to the core of why I continue to renew my commitment to “The Krew,” the friendships I’ve forged within the Korean Cultural Center are truly special. Beyond volunteering, we’ve become like family, supporting each other through life’s ups and downs and creating lasting memories together.

Through our shared passion for Korean culture, we continue to build bridges of understanding and friendship and I hope it continues in the coming years.


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