HORI7ON Spends DAYTOUR Comeback Showcase with ‘LUCKY’ Anchors!

All-Filipino K-pop boy group HORI7ON made a triumphant return to the stage with their highly anticipated “DAYTOUR” comeback showcase on March 2nd, 2024. Held at Samsung Hall in SM Aura Premier, the exclusive event was a dream come true for 800 lucky fans, filled with captivating performances, playful interactions, and an undeniable energy that had everyone buzzing.

The night kicked off with HORI7ON performing their latest single, “LUCKY.” The catchy tune, described by Winston as a dedication to both their fans (ANCHORS) and loved ones, perfectly captured the nervous excitement and overwhelming emotions of finding someone special.

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Following the performance, host VJ Ai Dela Cruz led the group through a fun TMI segment. The members revealed their dream destinations for a trip with their fans: Kim envisioned an animal adventure at Avilon Zoo and Bacolod, while Winston craved thrills at Lotte World Korea. Reyster yearned for a beach getaway in Boracay, and Kyler sought serenity in the Maldives. Marcus dreamt of Parisian cafes, Jeromy envisioned mountain sunsets with picnics, and Vinci longed for the tranquility of Palawan.

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The Q&A segment offered a glimpse into the group’s personalities. Vinci shared a hilarious story about Reyster’s ear-cleaning habits, while Jeromy expressed excitement about returning to his performing roots at a mall show in SM Pampanga. Marcus’s aspirations for world tours and music awards showcased their ambition, while Kyler’s dedication shone through when he spoke about the challenging choreography for “LUCKY.”

Reyster, ever the sweetheart, recommended Boracay and Baguio to a Chinese fan seeking sightseeing spots. Winston revealed their love for mobile gaming and a special cooking bond with Kim. Kim, in turn, playfully exposed the “pasaway” (playful) side of him, Winston, Reyster, and Kyler during dance practice, while Vinci confessed the younger members sometimes took the lead, guiding them through the steps.


The night culminated with Jeromy leading the crowd in a fun “LUCKY” dance tutorial, followed by electrifying performances of “Meteor” and “Tiger.” The showcase ended with a roaring question-and-answer session, aptly titled “WHEN DO YOU FEEL THE LUCKIEST?” Winston expressed his gratitude for the love from ANCHORS, while Reyster’s answer of “eating?” had the crowd in stitches.

The “DAYTOUR” comeback showcase was a resounding success, solidifying HORI7ON’s place as a rising force in K-pop. With their undeniable talent, infectious energy, and genuine connection with their fans, HORI7ON’s future looks as bright and limitless as the vast horizon they represent.


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