Learn Korean, Embrace Korean Culture: Take a Free Language Class at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines!

Have you ever dreamed of understanding your favorite K-dramas without subtitles? Or maybe you’d love to delve deeper into the rich culture of Korea? Well, here’s your chance! The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines is offering FREE Korean language classes, and here’s why you should sign up:

Master the Language with Native Expertise
Learn directly from Korean teachers who will ensure you grasp the language the best way you could. What’s good about learning Korean language from natives is that you get to hear and practice the right pronunciation and you are being corrected on the spot.

Free Learning, Maximum Gain
Expand your horizons without breaking the bank. All the learning materials, including books, are provided when you study in KCC! There is no other school that can match this learning experience for free!

Focus and Comfort
The KCC classrooms are designed for a comfortable and focused learning experience. Spacious and well-maintained, they provide the perfect environment to excel and learn alongside other KCC students who have the same interest as you.

Personalized Attention

Small class sizes guarantee quality interaction with your teacher and classmates, giving you ample opportunity to practice your Korean. As a former student myself, I experienced how conducive classes are in KCC and how the teachers managed to check on our progress every class.

Connect with Fellow K-Culture Fans

Meet like-minded people who share your passion for Korean culture. Learning becomes more fun when you’re surrounded by fellow enthusiasts! Aside from language classes, you can actually enroll in other K-Culture related classes like Korean Traditional Dance, Korean Cooking Class, Taekwondo, Minhwa and Mooninhwa.

Convenient Scheduling
The strategically scheduled classes (a few times a week) ensure they fit seamlessly into your busy life. If you miss a certain enrollment, they offer three terms every year so you can easily enroll the next time. Still, it is best to follow their social media accounts for more details.

Language and Culture, Hand in Hand

Go beyond basic vocabulary and grammar. The classes incorporate cultural aspects, giving you a holistic understanding of Korea. More than just learning what’s in your book, the teachers normally applies it in normal conversations that will help you understand how to use the words appropriately when you write or speak.

Ready to embark on your Korean language journey? The online application window opens on May 3rd (8:00 AM) and closes on May 6th (5:00 PM). Don’t miss this opportunity!

For more details on class schedules and application links, visit the Korean Cultural Center‘s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Photos: Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines


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