Lucas Lights Up Manila: A Recap of the “FIAT LUX 熙” Fancon

Lucas Wong, a multifaceted entertainer under SM Entertainment, brought his “FIAT LUX: 熙” fan-con to Manila’s New Frontier Theater. Devoted Filipino fans, called Lumis, came together to cheer him on and express their support. This leg of his Asia Fancon Tour was a big hit, leaving fans with memories they’ll treasure.


The crowd cheered as he started the fancon with a powerful performance of “Dip It Low,” a hot track from his album “Renegade.” Lucas greeted everyone with “Mabuhay! Ako si Lucas. Kumusta kayong lahat?” He said he practiced a lot to greet everyone in Filipino and promised to make good memories with everyone. He also explained the meaning of “Fiat Lux” which is “Let There Be Light” and shared that he changed his hairstyle by cutting it shorter and dyeing it again for the Manila stop of his fan meeting. He even mentioned wanting to try mangoes!


Lucas showed his competitive and fun side by playing the Filipino local games ‘Jackstone,’ ‘Bamboo Pin Bowling,’ and ‘Hampas Palayok.’ He played thrice and eventually won during his third attempt. The next game was guessing objects inside the box while he was blindfolded and then he had to draw them. He successfully guessed and drew “Rambutan” and “Masskara.” After the games, he sang a cover of Kanye West’s “True Love.”


The next segment was all about challenges. Lucas recreated his childhood photo, did the Popipo Challenge, confessed his love for fans in five languages including “Mahal Kita,” used random props to show five different poses, and blew the new album cake to make three wishes.

Lucas then serenaded the fans with a sweet and touching rendition of Paul Kim’s “Everyday, Every Moment” an OST of the 2018 Kdrama “Should We Kiss First?”


Lucas and the fans played a fun guessing game! Shining blue or red lights on cards, they had to match their picks three times. In a hilarious twist, Lucas and the crowd both agreed a sporty commercial with a refreshing drink (he even took a swig!) fit him better than a glamorous jewelry ad. He even sported a tiara and a magic wand for this game!

The game continued when both Lucas and the fans chose “I love you” in Tagalog over “I missed you.” Things got interesting when they picked a new field to challenge: Lucas envisioned himself as a passionate boxer, while fans saw him rocking the runway as a model.

Finally, the game turned to dance covers! Lucas showed off his moves to trending hits – a group cover of Aespa’s “Armageddon” and a male solo version of Zico and Jennie’s “Spot!” The fans chose “Spot!” but Lucas preferred “Armageddon.” He lost the mission and had to shower the fans with three heart poses as his punishment.


Lucas turned up the heat for the final act, igniting the stage with powerful performances of “Crushing on You,” “Bass Go Boom,” and his hit single “Renegade.” The crowd roared with every song, their energy feeding back to Lucas.

He wrapped up the night and thanked everyone for coming and said that he was very grateful and he loves his fans. Lucas added that he always liked to showcase his sincere heart and wished to see everyone again. The show is presented by L-Squared Productions.

Photos: L-Squared Productions


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