Missing iKON? Let’s Reminisce Their ‘Get Back: iKON Limited’ Concert In Manila

Time flies by so fast—it only feels like yesterday when iKONics filled the Araneta Coliseum while carrying their konbats with them and ready to sing their hearts out. Now, it’s been weeks since we’ve last seen iKON and we know you surely miss them! That said, let’s look back at the most unforgettable moments during the Get Back: iKON Limited Tour in Manila last April 7 at the Big Dome:

When DK said that Manila is the best at partying.

You can always count on iKONics to get the ~party started and never ever press stop~! The screams were so loud (and consistent at that) throughout the group’s performances, may it be an emotional ballad or an EDM track.

Member DK shared: “We’ve been to different countries for our world tour right now, but I think this is the first country where everyone is really having fun with us.” Bobby was as amazed by him, saying that nothing had changed and PH iKONics “are still on fire.” Chanwoo also noticed how everyone was good at memorizing the Korean lyrics of their songs!

When the group appreciated the fan projects.

Although the usual banners were given to all concertgoers, iKONics really went all out and added more surprises for the boys! Included in this year’s fan project are cut-out letters and cloth banners for each member who will soon be enlisting in the military.

When iKON finally performed “But You.”

Remember when we all wished for the group’s live performance of this song? Our dream came true not just once but twice! iKON initially sang a short acapella version of “But You” which made the fans think their request was already granted. But to fans’ surprise, they actually performed the entire song with Bobby starting it off with “iKONics, we got nothing but you!”. During this part, you can clearly see the happiness on everyone’s faces, including the members themselves.

When the boys promised to come back.

No goodbyes, just see you again! ICYDK, all of the iKON members are headed to the military to serve, with Bobby and Chanwoo being next in line after Jay’s enlistment last year. Despite the excitement during the concert, there was also a bittersweet feeling since it would take quite a long time for the group to perform again onstage. However, they assured iKONics that they will return.

“There will be a short period that we cannot come back here, but we’ll make sure to return as a whole. We will be back with better performances, so please wait for us. I’ll do my best in my military service,” said Song. Member Ju-ne also described how healing it was for them every time they visited Manila, and asked fans to wait for them with passionate love.

Photos: CDM Entertainment


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