PH ARMYs, Send Your Love to RM with Spotify Playlists!

Get ready to celebrate the release of RM’s second solo album, “Right Place, Wrong Person,” with a special message to the BTS leader himself. Spotify is giving you the chance to show your love through the power of playlists!

Craft Your Playlist Letter

  1. Unleash your creativity and create a new playlist on Spotify.
  2. Arrange the song titles to form your message for RM. Get creative and pick songs that hold special meaning for you or that reflect the themes of “Right Place, Wrong Person.”

Send Your Message

  1. Once your playlist is ready, share the love! Take a screenshot and grab the link to your dedicated playlist.
  2. Head over to Twitter and find the #SpotifyxRM tweet posted by the official Spotify Kpop account (@SpotifyKpop).
  3. In the replies to that tweet, share your screenshot and the link to your playlist.

Now you’ve sent your personalized Playlist Letter to RM! This is a unique opportunity to connect with RM and show your appreciation for his music. So, PH ARMYs, get creative and let your playlists do the talking!


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