How PondPhuwin Redefines On-Screen Chemistry: Meet Them at the GMMTV FanDay 13 in Manila!

Thai actors Pond Naravit Lertratkosum and Phuwin Tangsakyuen collectively known as the couple “PondPhuwin” are quickly becoming household names, not just in Thailand but across Asia. Both rising stars have captivated audiences with their talent, good looks, and undeniable chemistry.

Pond’s Rise to Fame

Pond’s journey began in 2020 when he won the third edition of Go On Girl & Guy Star Search by Clean & Clear. This victory landed him an exclusive contract with GMMTV, a leading Thai entertainment company. Although he had a guest role in “The Gifted: Graduation” that same year, it was his portrayal of Mork in the 2021 BL series “Fish Upon the Sky” that truly skyrocketed him to fame. His charming personality and undeniable talent earned him the “Rising Male Actor of the Year” award at the KAZZ Awards 2022.

Beyond Acting

Pond isn’t just a pretty face. A talented dancer with a passion for Hip-hop and K-Pop, he can also impress with his bass guitar skills. He even has his own clothing brand called Apollo.

Phuwin’s Multifaceted Career

Phuwin, on the other hand, started his career much younger, appearing in the 2014 drama “Sunshine My Friend” as a child actor. He showcased his musical side by performing in the musical “The Sound of Music.” Phuwin transitioned seamlessly into adult roles, starring in the 2019 series “Cause You’re My Boy” and the science fiction series “The Gifted: Graduation” (2020) where he played the mind-reading Third.

A Match Made in BL Heaven

Phuwin’s biggest breakthrough came in 2021 when he co-starred with Pond in “Fish Upon the Sky.” Their undeniable on-screen chemistry as Pi and Mork made them a fan favorite BL couple. They even collaborated on the song “100 Seasons.”

Phuwin’s Diverse Portfolio

Phuwin doesn’t shy away from challenging roles. In 2023, he made his movie debut in the horror film “Hoon Payon.” That same year, he pushed boundaries by voicing the first Thai-origin hero in the popular video game “Overwatch 2.” This pansexual character, Lifeweaver (Niran “Bua” Pruksamanee), is a landmark for representation in gaming.

Phuwin’s Acting Continues to Shine

Phuwin continues to impress with his acting range. In 2023, he starred in several series, including “Wednesday Club” and “Our Skyy 2: Never Let Me Go.” He currently has two upcoming series, “We Are” and “Summer Night.”

Catch Them Live!

If you’re a fan of Pond and Phuwin, you won’t want to miss the upcoming “GMMTV Fan Day 13 in Manila” happening on July 6, 2024, at Skydome. Get your tickets now and witness the magic of these rising stars live!


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