Thailand’s Sweetheart: Tu Tontawan’s Undying Love for Kpop

Tu Tontawan, the breakout star of F4 Thailand, isn’t just captivating audiences on screen – she’s a dedicated K-pop fan with a love for music that runs deep.

A Lifelong K-Pop Enthusiast

Tu Tontawan’s passion for K-pop isn’t a recent development. In fact, her dedication goes back to her school days. This wasn’t just a casual interest – Tu Tontawan is an avid collector of albums, photocards, and various merchandise, proudly supporting her favorite groups.

NCTzen at Heart

Among her favorite groups is NCT, the versatile boy band known for their powerful performances and diverse sound. Tu Tontawan’s loyalty to NCT is so strong that during a fun interview challenge with the F4 Thailand cast, she didn’t hesitate to choose them over the fictional F4 group!

Beyond the Boys

Tu also attended numerous events and concerts in South Korea including EXO’s concert!

While NCT holds a special place in her heart, Tu Tontawan’s K-pop fandom extends to other groups. She’s also a fan of EXO, with a particular admiration for Sehun, a member known for his rapping and stage presence. Girl groups like ITZY also captured her attention, showcasing her appreciation for the dynamic energy female artists bring to the K-pop scene.

Here, Tu also shared her bias in NewJeans and her photocard collection!

Tu Tontawan’s love for K-pop makes her even more relatable to fans. She’s not just an actress – she’s a fangirl who gets excited about new releases, enjoys collecting merchandise, and supports her favorite artists. This down-to-earth personality adds another layer to her charm, proving that even stars can be fans like the rest of us.


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