Unboxing | Netflix Noche Buena Event 'Squid Game' Gganbu Basket

Who doesn’t know the super-popular drama ‘Squid Game’? Netflix just made our Christmas extra special with their popular titles-inspired baskets given for free for the fans! Giving us more than what we’ve asked for, this Squid Game Gganbu basket got delivered right in front of my doorstep!

What’s with the huge box?

Open to everyone anywhere in the Philippines, Netflix created a site as a sign-up link for the fans who Netflix show and lucky fans were picked to receive this pretty cool box filled with food and merch! I got really surprised when I got a message that they’ll be delivering a Noche Buena basket at home.

With zero ideas of what’s inside the box, I really felt excited about the unboxing. I am really hoping that the box contains the Younghee doll because that’s what I’ve been aiming for. To my surprise, it’s Gganbu basket that they really sent me as a gift. True to its title, it is really a Noche-Buena style basket with the remarkable pink ribbon from squid game!

Here’s a look at what’s inside the Gganbu basket. It contains a Younghee doll (which I really want!), the Squid Game mask, 3 postcards, honeycomb dalgona set in a tin can, the marbles used in the drama, ramyeon, soju, squid chips, tteokbokki, red bean bread, and bento box. Just imagine how special I felt when the items arrived at home!

Here’s a closer look at the dalgona candies. To give you an idea, Dalgona or Ppupgi are candies made of sugar and baking soda. It is popular street food in South Korea, especially for kids. These are seldom sold in front of schools. The memorable part is that these traditional candies also became a game for kids.

Despite it being a ‘noche buena’ basket, Netflix filled it with numerous ‘Squid Game’ memorabilia and I love all details they added to it. The postcards simply remind us of scenes where these particular merchandises are featured and they are surely worth keeping!

This is a closer look at the Younghee plushie and the mask. Even though I’ve seen this doll a lot of times already thanks to all the spoilers online, I didn’t notice that there’s actually a clip on her head and those are the shapes used throughout the drama and those are the same shapes used in identifying the hierarchy of the masked guards.

Remember this scene from Squid Game? I find it super cool that they even added postcards to remind us of where the merch appeared during the series making me excited to re-watch it again in no time.

Celebrating Christmas virtually together for the first time, I am grateful to be a part of this event with Netflix and with the surprise santa, Ms. Judy Ann Santos! Looking forward to more events with you!


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