Uncover the Truth in My Home Hero The Movie, Streaming Exclusively on Disney+ this July 12

The thrilling conclusion to the popular crime thriller series, My Home Hero The Movie, is set to premiere exclusively on Disney+ on July 12th. After briefly topping Japan’s box office, the film will once again immerse viewers in the captivating world of the original series, with an expanded cast and the original actors reprising their roles.

Adapted from the hit Kodansha manga series, the original My Home Hero series followed unremarkable businessman Tetsuo Tosu, who evaded imprisonment after killing his daughter’s abusive boyfriend. Using knowledge gleaned from years of reading mystery novels, Tetsuo outmaneuvered the police and dealt with the menacing gang leader Kyoichi Majima.

Set seven years after the dramatic conclusion of the Disney+ series, My Home Hero The Movie opens with a landslide uncovering the hidden body of the boyfriend. Detective Reika Tosu, Tetsuo’s daughter, leads the police investigation, piecing together fresh evidence and closing in on her father’s secret. With both law enforcement and local gangsters on his trail, Tetsuo must once again use his cunning to avoid capture and the consequences of his past actions.

The film features a stellar cast, including Kuranosuke Sasaki as Tetsuo Tosu, Asuka Saito as Detective Reika Tosu, Tae Kimura as Tetsuo’s wife Kasen, and Kyohei Takahashi as Kyoichi Majima. Additionally, an expanded cast boasts popular voice actors Kenjiro Tsuda, Ryubi Miyase, Danshun Tatekawa, Toshiyuki Itakura, Shunsuke Daito, Shou Nishigaki, and Shunya Kaneko.

Don’t miss the dramatic conclusion to this thrilling saga, streaming exclusively on Disney+ from July 12th.


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