30 Days to “reset” the feelings | Love Reset Film Review

A film that is sure to tickle your funny bone, “Love Reset” also known as “30 Days” has debuted in Philippine cinemas this October 18! Starring Jung So Min and Kang Haneul, the film truly deserves its #1 spot in South Korean cinemas for weeks now. This film is highly-anticipated by Kdrama fans after it announced its global debut.


Kang Haneul
Jung So Min
Kim Sun Young
Jo Min Su

A different take on a traditional storyline

We have seen a lot of films and series with themes circulating in a story of a failed marriage but having it in a comedy genre is a breather. Despite the serious feel of most of the scenes, everything turned out to be funnier with the way the film is presented. When I attended the advance screening, the audience are truly enjoying the film with a number of laughs surrounding the theater from time to time.

The chemistry of Jung So Min and Kang Haneul

Known for being two of the most sought-after actors in South Korea, Jung So Min has starred in numerous series with comedy and heavy drama as the genre so I know that this film is going to be a good one. Aside from that, Kang Haneul is also known for having a dorky personality in numerous comedy film and series and them having a film together is a dream come true for Kdrama fans.

Out of the box characters

As a fan of romantic comedy dramas, we surely love funny side characters aside from the main leads. This film gave all-out as they casted some of the most popular actors who are known for their witty personalities on-screen.

The “Reset” that we wanted

With the love-hate relationship of Hong Nara (Jung So Min) and No Jong Yeol (Kang Haneul), it is sure that you are also enjoying the cute small fights they have from time to time. It’s so cute to see them bickering and healing in their past wounds.

Love Reset is available in numerous PH cinemas nationwide! The film is brought to us by Viva International Pictures.


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