Are You The Next “Target”? : Korean Film Review

This crime is fast, digital and untraceable. If you are to buy a used item today, will you become the next “Target?” The new film “Target” starring Shin Hae Sun is now showing in numerous cinemas in the Philippines!


Shin Hae Sun
Kim Sung Kyun
Kang Tae Oh

Film Synopsis

Have you tried buying second-hand goods online? “Target” will bring you a thrilling real life experience of online shoppers in a terrifying possible encounters with fraud sellers and scammers.

The film is based on actual police cases and also focuses on the current social existence of second-hand marketplaces where frauds actually co-exists. To make the movie as realistic as possible, the director Park Hee Kon even met with numerous police officers and detectives to also learn the process of arresting the criminals and more.

A realistic crime in the Gen Z era

As online shopping became a normal part of our lives, trading and second hand goods are more appealing because of its price. However, with the amount of goods sold online, there is also a huge probability that crimes circulating online are starting to increase as well.

The film managed to surpass our expectations in terms of showcasing numerous unwanted possibilities related to our online transactions and you’ll surely get a feel of the the characters’ point of view as you watch the film.

Shin Hae Sun as the newest “Target” Soo Hyun

Known for her roles in the dramas “Mr. Queen”, “Still 17”, “See You in My 19th Life” and “Angel’s Last Mission Love”, Shin Hae Sun needs no introduction as we’ve seen her prove herself in numerous dramas with variety of genres. Our “mama” (your highness) also starred in the hit films “Collectors” and “Innocence”.

Shin Hae Sun playing the role Soo Hyun here who is just a normal citizen like any of us who has errands to ran into at work and at home. As a first time buyer at a marketplace online, she managed to get a used washing machine but a defective one. Intense feelings will surround the audience as you watch her shift her emotions from extreme anger, fear, despair and anxiety. Will she be even able to escape this feeling?

Kang Tae Oh as Junior Detective Na

Fans have constantly been wondering what role will Kang Tae Oh play in the film and as the teasers showed, he is playing the character Junior Detective Na who takes all his cases with enthusiasm and much effort to help the victim.

“The movie felt so realistic because it was based on used goods deals that are easily available to everyone. While reading the scenario, I could relate to it and became worried,” Kang Tae Oh shared.

Kim Sung Kyun as a the “sunbae” Detective Joo

A veteran in the film industry, Kim Sung Kyun aced his role as a detective who seeks justice for hundreds of cases he handles regularly. As part of the cybercrime unit, he portrayed a “lowkey” character but still a remarkable one.

The film “Target” is now available in various Philippine cinemas nationwide starting October 18! The film is brought to us by Encore Films Philippines and to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Watch the trailer here:


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