Lee Je Hoon and Lee DongHwi Team Up in Retro Crime Drama “Chief Detective 1958,” Now Streaming on Disney+

The highly anticipated series “Chief Detective 1958” has landed on Disney+! Starring Lee Je-hoon, fresh off his hit drama “Taxi Driver,” and Lee Dong-hwi, beloved for his role in “Reply 1988,” “Chief Detective 1958” takes viewers back to a thrilling decade before the original “Chief Inspector” series captivated audiences in the 70s and 80s.

Building on the legacy of the original, “Chief Detective 1958” promises a fresh take with captivating new plotlines and unforgettable characters. Lee Je-hoon portrays Park Yeonghan, a jaded detective ostracized for defying the country’s military rule. Stuck with the disheartening task of removing homeless people from the streets, Yeonghan’s world is turned upside down when a dangerous killer emerges, reigniting his passion for justice.

Joining Yeonghan is Lee Dong-hwi as Kim Sangsun, the hot-headed “mad dog” of the homicide team. Together, this unlikely duo will face off against a cunning criminal mastermind. At the helm is director Kim Sunghoon, known for his action-packed films “Confidential Assignment” and “Rampant.”

For those hungry for more Korean crime content, Disney+ offers a stellar lineup, including the award-winning “Big Bet,” starring Lee Dong-hwi alongside legendary actor Choi Min-sik. “The Worst of Evil” throws viewers into the dangerous world of undercover detectives, while “Han River Police” follows a band of misfit officers.

The press conference for “Chief Detective 1958” was filled with lighthearted moments. Lee Je-hoon playfully declared his desire for the drama to achieve a mind-blowing 1958% rating, while Lee Dong-hwi countered with a more realistic 19.58%.

Yoon Hyunsoo shared a heartwarming anecdote about his grandfather appearing on the show, while Lee Je-hoon expressed his gratitude for a prior acting award and his dedication to exceeding viewers’ expectations. The director, Kim Sunghoon, revealed his focus on bringing out the human element of the story, drawing inspiration from the original “Chief Inspector.”

Lee Je-hoon admitted his excitement wasn’t just about portraying Chief Park, but also about the audience’s anticipation for this prequel. He playfully questioned whether the stoic Chief Park ever actually leaves the police station! So, dive into the world of “Chief Detective 1958” now streaming on Disney+ and see if this dynamic duo can crack the case!

Photos: MBC


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