Seasons of Love: Love in the Air Fanmeeting in Manila 2023

The SM Skydome in Manila came alive as fans gathered for the much-anticipated “Love in the Air Fanmeeting in Manila.” Wish Us Luck, the talented cast behind the popular Thai series “Love in The Air,” took the stage for a memorable evening filled with performances, games, and heartwarming moments.

Love Is In The Air

The fanmeeting last April 22, 2023 kicked off with a lovable opening performance by Boss Chaikamon, Noeul Nuttarat, Fort Thitipong, and Peat Wasuthorn, collectively known as “BossNoeul” and “FortPeat.”

They set the stage on fire with the main OST of the series, “Love in The Air,” sharing the same title as the beloved drama. Following the performance, the cast introduced themselves and greeted their fans.

BossNoeul: More Than On-Screen Chemistry

BossNoeul, the on-screen couple, continued to captivate the audience with their charm. Boss and Noeul shared endearing moments and played the game “Forecast The Weather,” revealing fun and surprising tidbits about each other. From Boss’s love for cooking Chinese sausage to Noeul’s talent for lightening up the mood, fans got a closer look at the personalities behind the characters.

FortPeat: Energy, Laughter, and a Dash of Cheekiness

Fort and Peat, the dynamic duo known as FortPeat, brought laughter to the fanmeeting. From discussing Fort’s hyperactive nature to the cheeky response about their kissing skills, the pair showcased a genuine camaraderie. The “Never Say Never” performance by FortPeat added a musical touch to the night.

TMI Moments and Games

The fanmeeting featured entertaining games, including a staring contest and “Guess the Weather in the Box,” where lucky fans had the chance to interact with the stars. The cast also shared personal details, from Peat’s love for Thai basil to Fort’s favorite subject being Science.

Unforgettable Performances

After the games, BossNoeul and FortPeat returned to the stage for two more enchanting performances, including “เธอคือโลกทั้งใบ (My World)” from the TharnType OST. The cast surprised fans by donning traditional Filipino attire and expressing gratitude to the audience.

Birthday Surprise for Noeul

As May 18 approached, fans didn’t miss the chance to celebrate Noeul’s upcoming birthday. The cast and audience joined in a surprise birthday celebration, singing “Closer You and I” and showering him with warmth and affection.

The fanmeeting concluded on a high note with the cast expressing their gratitude to the fans. As a final gesture, they threw balls into the audience while singing “Closer You and I.” The night ended with heartfelt bows, group photos, and a special VCR created by the fans.

The “Love in the Air Fanmeeting in Manila” proved to be a night to remember, strengthening the bond between the cast and their dedicated fans. As the stars thanked the audience for their unwavering support, it was evident that the love in the air extended beyond the screens and into the hearts of everyone present.


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