A SIKcret Time with Park Hyungsik in Manila

Filipinos were buzzing with excitement as they packed the Smart Araneta Coliseum on February 17, 2024, for Park Hyungsik’s “SIKcret Time in Manila” Fan Meeting. This exciting stop on his 2024 Asia Tour lived up to the hype, offering a mix of fun games, touching moments, and powerful musical performances that left everyone wanting more.

The night kicked off with Park Hyungsik serenading the crowd with “Bud,” the theme song of his drama “Our Blooming Youth.” He then stole the hearts of Filipino fans further by greeting them with warm phrases in Tagalog: “Sobrang na-miss ko kayo!” (I miss you so much!) and “Mahal kita!” (I love you!), sending the audience into a frenzy.


Park Hyungsik shared that he enjoyed filming his current drama “Doctor Slump” with Park Shin Hye because they have more interactions than in “The Heirs.” He also revealed his excitement about scuba diving in the Philippines.

Hyungsik also mentioned how he likes to spend time with friends, go golfing, or scuba dive when feeling sad or stressed, as these activities help him forget his worries. He added that his childhood dream was to become a policeman, followed by a wish to be a lawyer. However, he finds great happiness in his current career as an actor. Park Hyungsik even demonstrated his habit of talking to himself while cleaning, adding a playful touch to the segment.


Host Janeena Chan kept the energy high throughout the show with her humor and charm. Park Hyungsik faced a series of games testing his wit, skills, and knowledge. He demonstrated his fun-loving side by participating in traditional games like “Sipa” and its Korean counterpart, “Jegi.”

His memory and quick thinking were on display as he flawlessly memorized and imitated a series of emojis flashed on the screen. Hyungsik also showcased his powerful vocals in a playful challenge, where he had to identify the “normal” microphone from four “funny” ones that altered his voice while singing. He delighted the crowd with renditions of “Just Once,” “Breathe” by ZE:A, and “Two People,” the OST from “The Heirs.”

Lucky fans were also able to play with him during the code-breaking game, where he had to guess the Korean terms for the Filipino words: “Buwaya” (crocodile), “Mahal Kita” (I love you), “Masarap” (delicious), “Labi” (lips), “Sapatos” (shoes), and “Gwapo” (handsome). Fans didn’t miss this chance and rizzed him up really well. He then serenaded the crowd with two stunning ballads: “Every Moment of You” from the “My Love From the Star” OST and “Breath” by Park Hyo Shin.

Filipino SIKrets, surprised Park Hyungsik with a heartfelt fan project video. He expressed his sincere gratitude to them for the overwhelming response to his previous drama, “Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon,” starring alongside Park Bo Young, and their continued support for his current drama, “Doctor Slump,” with Park Shin Hye. He promised to continue working hard to excite fans with his future projects and expressed hope for more opportunities to meet them in person.

Park Hyungsik capped off the evening with a heartfelt performance of his song ‘”Because of You,”‘ OST from “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”. Park Hyungsik SIKcret Time in Manila is presented by MQ Live and Publicity Asia.


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