A Starry Adventure Through BTS: My BVERSE Manila Experience

The day I finally visited BVERSE MANILA: BTS, Singing the Stars Exhibition felt like walking in a dreamy world of BTS. The wait for BTS’s return, it might be a while, seemed a little less painful knowing I was about to embark on a journey through their world. Stepping into Level 4 of Gateway Mall 2 was like entering a portal to the BTS universe.

It was already the second week of the exhibition when I attended and was actually surprised that there’s no line at all and we were only less than 10 when we entered for our 5PM schedule. The VR Room was my first stop. I donned the VR glasses and felt like I had scored a coveted SVIP seat at a TMA concert. The energy of the crowd roared as BTS launched into familiar hits. It was a virtual front-row experience that left me buzzing. It was performances of their hit songs “Permission to Dance,” “Yet To Come,” and “For You.”

But BVERSE wasn’t just about reliving past concerts. Each themed area offered a glimpse into the hearts and souls of the members. I wandered through RM’s Nature Planet, Jin’s Satellite Planet, Suga’s Art Planet, J-Hope’s Hope Planet, Jimin’s Aqua Planet, V’s Film Planet, and Jungkook’s Prism Planet– each room meticulously crafted to reflect their individuality.

The interactive elements added another layer of excitement. The BTS Universe felt like stepping into a scene straight out of their music videos. The ARMY Way wasn’t just a hallway; it was a heartfelt homage to the bond between BTS and ARMYs. The TMA History exhibit served as a testament to BTS’s incredible journey, highlighting their well-deserved recognition at The Fact Music Awards.

The Meteor Shower room was pure magic. With a 360-degree view of the stage, I felt surrounded by BTS’s energy, their electrifying performances washing over me. It was a truly immersive experience, a celebration of their music and artistry.

The Gift Shop offered a perfect way to commemorate the experience. I browsed through exclusive BVERSE merchandise, finding the perfect token to remember my starry adventure. The final stop is the photozone with life-size standees of the members.


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