Global Fans Flock to Gulf Kanawut’s First Singapore Fan Meeting

Singapore’s fan community was abuzz with excitement as Thai heartthrob Gulf Kanawut
held his highly anticipated first fan meeting at the Capitol Theatre last May 31. The
event was a celebration of Gulf’s charm and talent, and the unbreakable bond he shares
with his fans.

On-stage with Gulf Kanawut

The moment Gulf Kanawut appeared on stage, the atmosphere became filled with cheers from PhiBalls, Gulf’s fandom name. The actor, known for his role in the popular Thai BL series “TharnType: The Series,” opened the fan meeting with his song, “Why You So Serious?”, instantly melting hearts and setting the tone for an unforgettable evening.

TMI moments

Gulf then greeted his fans with warm smiles as he enthusiastically answers questions about him during the Q&A session for fans to get to know him more. Gulf also picked fan questions and messages randomly and read them onstage. To everyone’s delight, one fan requested for Gulf to show off his muscles and he gladly obliged! Gulf also got curious about where his fans came from and was wonderfully surprised to discover fans coming from different parts of the world including Ireland and Canada.

Heartwarming moments with Gulf

In between song numbers, Gulf also played games with fans onstage and winners got to take polaroid photos with him. It was truly a night filled with fan interactions and PhiBalls also gave Gulf a special fanmade video to express their love for him.

A promise to return

As the evening drew to a close, Gulf expressed his heartfelt thanks to the fans who made his first Singapore fan meeting a resounding success. He promised to return to Singapore soon, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next visit.

The night ended on a high note with Gulf leading a group photo session for VIP, Gold, and Silver ticketholders and an individual photo session for SVIP ticketholders, ensuring that every fan had a lasting memory of the special occasion. And lastly, Gulf had a goodbye session for all his fans as he waved with a big smile on his face to everyone exiting the venue. It was a memorable fan meeting for Gulf and his PhiBalls indeed.


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