Are You Suffering From Post Drama Depression on ‘Crash Landing on You?’ | Drama Review

If you’re feeling the void left behind by the phenomenal Korean drama “Crash Landing on You,” you’re not alone. Here’s a look at some of the things we’ll miss the most:

1. The Unforgettable Romance

From their unusual first meeting when Se Ri accidentally landed on the vicinity of North Korea where Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok is assigned to the sweet short yet meaningful moments in Switzerland, we know that this couple will be missed especially that the storyline of this drama is not our usual sweet, cute and romcom Kdramas that we got used to. Still, despite everything that happened on the 16 roller coaster episodes, all our hopes for a happy ending is worth it.

* Crash Landing on You is also the first drama of Hyun Bin when he got discharged from the military so it has been a long waiting game for his fans to see him in this blockbuster drama.

2. The Hilarious North Korean Squad

Given that the drama is melodramatic, there’s still a serious yet funny side to it thanks to our North Korean Comrades, the company five composed of Pyo Chi Su, Park Kwang Beom, Geum Eun Dong, Kim Ju Meok and the North Korean military member Jung Man Bok. 

We’ve seen their loyalty in their country and their struggle to find Captain Ri when it came to South Korea for Se Ri. As well, the cute moments when they learn a lot of things from the ‘capitalist country’ as to how they call it. Probably, another thing that we will be missing is how they made Se Ri cry when they followed Korean drama surprises and they made it so epic.

3. A Glimpse into North Korean Life

As most of the audience aren’t really aware of what’s inside a North Korean village, it is surprising to see mothers enjoying an early exercise at the plaza, kimchi-making activities to stock up for winter, afternoon talks with other villagers and the battle for fashionable trendy clothes and make-up from the market. 

4. Kim Ju Meok: The Ultimate K-Drama Fan

Since it is evident that progress in North Korea is yet to be seen, our hardcore South Korean drama fan Kim Ju Meok might be a little late from our latest dramas we are watching but he still deserves the award as for ‘Love for Kdrama’ from Se Ri meeting his ultimate crush ‘Choi Ji Woo’ over a lunch date. 

They even created a funny parody from one of the most memorable scenes from ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ Knowing the fact that it is impossible for it to happen in real life. Everyone who watched the drama has surely been touched and happy about the scene. 

However, if you are at work (like Ju Meok) staying at the tower, we don’t recommend that you watch Kdrama during work hours or you’ll end up missing important details on your work like how Se Ri got to pass by without Ju Meok noticing.

5. Second Lead Syndrome

Yup, we also suffered from the second lead syndrome, especially on this couple. Even though Seo Dan and Gu Seung Jung didn’t end up together, we know for a fact that true love is all about giving yourself and sacrificing for that person. 

Despite the unwanted ending of their love story, it is true that we are so proud of Seo Dan for coping up and for Seung Jung who gave everything until his last breath.

6. Captain Ri’s Enduring Love

Throughout the whole drama, the biggest question that lies on our head is how will this drama possibly end? The fact that the characters are from two competing countries, it is a huge mystery up to the end on how things will eventually end up between Ri Jeong Hyuk and Yoon Se Ri and as it is a happy ending, we are sure that at some point while watching the drama, you also wished that the Korean peninsula will be unified soon, don’t you?

The sacrifices of Captain Ri from protecting Se Ri and keeping her in his house, going the extra mile to make movements underground to go to South Korea up to the numerous death and life situations just to save Se Ri, we will surely miss every bits and piece of Crash Landing on You’s story and we hope to see more of our favorite actors on new dramas again soon!

7. A Hope for Unification

Given the huge difference in the lives of North Korea and South Korean citizens, as well as the type of environment that we often see through Korean dramas. We are sure that you also learned from this drama too and can’t help but compare how things actually work on the two countries. 

It’s amazing to learn bits of North Korean culture, customs, beliefs, and even their cuisines! We guess that they also love to pamper handsome military officers, right?

On the contrary, the lavish life of Se Ri in South Korea has made our North Korean comrades realize the huge difference between their countries and this little escape from their traditional life in their country has played a huge impact on their lives. 

From being a fashion terrorist, eating bunches of fried chicken while watching Korea-Japan league up to the small things of having electricity at home so their children would no longer have a hard time studying at night.

Missing Crash Landing on You?

While the drama may be over, the memories and lessons it left behind will stay with us. Here’s to hoping for more stellar performances from the cast in future dramas!

Special Notes:

  • Fans were delighted by the special appearances of Kim Soo-hyun and Choi Ji-woo in the drama.
  • IU’s song served as the perfect ending theme for Crash Landing on You.


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