Between Me & You: Between Us Fan Meet in Manila 2023 | Ticketing, Perks and Schedule

Make sure your hearts are ready to meet the cast of the well-loved Thai drama “Between Us The Series,” with its cast set to have a stop in Manila to hold its first fan meeting on May 28, 2023, at the SM Skydome. 

Wish Us Luck in partnership with Studio Wabi Sabi will be flying the cast of “Between Us” to Manila to meet their fans. But before that, let’s first reminisce on our couples’ love stories as we wait for the momentous day.

“Between Us,” the series, is a sequel to “Until We Meet Again.” The series focused on the story of Win and Team, the best friends of Pharm and Dean from “Until We Meet Again.” 


  • Boun Noppanut Guntachai as Win
  • Prem Warut Chawalitrujiwong as Team
  • Bosston Suphadach Wilairat as Pruek
  • Samantha Melanie Coates as Manaow
  • Sood Yacht Patsit Permpoonsavat as Tul
  • O Puwanai Sangwan as Wan
  • Tae Weerapat Toemmaneerat as Bee/Bumblebee
  • Benz Panupun Vongjorn as Prince

WinTeam Couple (Boun Prem)

Swimming athletes Win and Team met with a not-so-good beginning. Team, who is suffering from trauma finds his way to meeting Win. Being totally opposite in terms of their beliefs in love, their personalities still clicked.

WaanTul Couple (Oreo and Yacht)

Gaming helped Waan overcome his issues at home. Waan, a responsible son and Win’s brother gives his best to learn and help run their family business but felt that his efforts weren’t appreciated. In one of his gaming sessions, he met Tul, one of Win’s close friends. 

At first, the two were unaware that they have a certain connection but when Tul found out about it, he decided to keep it as a secret to avoid complications in their friendship. Eventually, there came a time that the secret has been spilled.

PrinceBee Couple (Tae and Benz)

This couple is newly introduced this season. Prince is an actor juggling between his university life and the entertainment industry. While Bee is on the athletic side being Team’s friend from the swimming team. He has a friend group called “A, Bee, Sea” (sounds like ABC). 

Due to Prince’s intense workload, which normally doesn’t make him show up at their university, Tae helped him join their group to complete school papers, something no one had ever done for him before. Bee always helps Prince with anything. However, due to Prince’s job, his entertainment company tried to hush his relationship issue and they needed to face a lot of issues together.

PreukManow Couple (Bosston and Sammy)

Manaow is a struggling actress with a funny character and she’s always been in a hunt for a fun relationship. Even if she often participates in school plays, she was never given any major role. Deonspite the misfortunes in her acting career, she finds her way to Preuk’s heart. Preuk supports and cheers for Manaow and that’s when he started to develop his feelings and pursue her. 


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YOU TIER (Php 3,500)

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Do not miss the chance to meet these lovely couples in their upcoming Manila fan meeting! Ticket prices range from P3,500 to P15,000 which includes fan benefits. Tickets are available via CDM Entertainment website.


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