CARAT Night: Seventeen Follow Tour’s Unforgettable Afterparty

A month after the successful two-day concert of SEVENTEEN’s Follow Tour in Bulacan, which was hailed as SEVENTEEN’s highest grossing concert of all time to date, the KmmunityPH, Anything Kpop Manila and Seventeen Philippines gathered the fans once again for “CARAT NIGHT”, to reminisce the magical happenings of the tour and create new core memories within the fandom.

On the evening of February 17, Mckinley Whiskey Park in Taguig was filled with beautiful and lovey faces of people who love SEVENTEEN – the CARATs. Fans are re-united to enjoy the night, look back on the journey of SEVENTEEN and celebrate Vernon and DK’s birthday. It was a night filled with SEVENTEEN’s music, fun games, performances and cheers.

A lot has been prepared for the attendees as there were photo booth for the remembrance, free merchandise, merchandise store and of course free whiskey for everyone. Only 18+ were allowed on this event.

The night started with a “HOT” dance performance of TRAINEE AE, followed by giveaways from Anything Kpop Manila and Innisfree (which Mingyu is the current ambassador). TRAINEE AE once again hit the stage with a dazzling performance “SUPER”.

The CARATs were also able to showcase their hidden skills through a SEVENTEEN Random Play Dance and it went chaotic when the song became slower or faster than the usual as the organizers prepared a trick for everyone, it suddenly became a challenging random play dance you won’t imagine. Project Z and A Class also graced the stage with their dance cover of “FIGHTING” and “CHEERS”.

When the clock struck at 11 pm as the fans were gathered to greet and cheer for Vernon and DK’s birthday and also to celebrate CARATs 8th year birthday. The superb night continued with CARATs partying and dancing on a night filled with SEVENTEEN’s music.

It was a very memorable concert after party and we wish a lot more will happen in the future as this showcased camaraderie of the Filipino K-pop community.


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