Deep into the Ocean: A Recap of the The Sign Fanmeeting in Manila 2024

At the “Deep into the Ocean”: The Sign Fanmeeting, which took place on May 11, 2024, at the SM Sky Dome, the stars of the popular Thai television series “The Sign” traveled to Manila to greet the fans. With their thrilling performances, games, and endearing interactions with fans, Billy Patchanon Ounsa-ard (Phaya), Babe Tanatat Ingphochai (Tharn), Heng Asavarid (Chalothorn), Pinitkanjanapun (Surprise) (Singha), Tack Phongsakorn Sukiang (Khem), and Poom Nuttapart Tuntistinchai (Thongthai) from Idol Factory brought the house down.

Kicking Off with Iconic “Waka Waka”

As soon as the group hit the stage and began performing Shakira’s “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa),” the mood for the evening was set: fun and celebration.

Games and Answers

When asked how the Thai actors were enjoying their time in the Philippines thus far, Billy said that it was his second visit, and The enthusiasm of the Filipino supporters never wanes when he returns, and he wants to know if the The same level of enthusiasm persisted, and he joked, “I’m watching you.” The supporters gave them access to the “Filipino Cheers” that cause vibrations in the Sky Dome. Poom acknowledged that this was his first visit to the Philippines and that he is hooked on mango shake already.

If they knew any Filipino words, it was questioned of them. Heng claimed to be familiar with the term “Mahal ko kayo.” and Surprise is also familiar with the term “Miss na Kita.” The host teaches them the words “Dyowa” and “Gwapo.” They claimed that the fans taught them the terms, which they are familiar with. Additionally, at a performance of “The Signs Together,” the actors performed a couple paper dance and won by Billy-Baby. The losing teams, Heng-Surprise and Tack-Poom, spontaneously performed adorable dances as a consequence.

Solo Performances

Poom and Tack did a solo performance, so as Babe and Billy. Poom performed a song and dance
number, La La La by Shakira, Tack performed a dramatic song “True Love is Real”. Babe intensifies the
stage when he performs “I’m A Slave 4 U”, Billy also heats up the stage as he showed his singing and
dancing with the BTS song Fire.

The cast went all back onstage for another couple game, “The signs keep going on” wherein it is a couple
ball relay. Heng – Surprise won on this game. Losing Team BillyBabe and Tackpoom did a three squat
carrying their partners in bridal style.

Get to know the Pairs

The fan meeting’s most anticipated performance, “Earned It”, with the couple dancing in the center of the stage with a chair, took place before the getting-to-know-you portion. Following the show, the audience let out a roar and continued to learn more about Billy-Baby and Tack-Poom as they performed the portions “The Sign of Me and You” and “The Sign of You and I.”

Here, Billy and Babe disclosed that they have a soft spot for one another, never lose their cool, and hang out together after work. Billy nodded to the one that says, “When Babe is sad, he cheers him up with food.”

They were also asked if they would be open to being matched again if given another chance. Fans erupted when they saw the adorable couple respond with 0 (which indicates yes). While Tack and Poom, the other couple, demonstrate their compatibility by enjoying going to the beach, they would also like to travel back in time rather than forward in time. They are both pet lovers. They often contact each other as part of their routine.

A message of gratitude

“Thank you so much for supporting us, this is very fast, I love you guys, this time, is my 2 nd time for me
but this time, I got a lot of energy of you guys, and I fall in love with you, Thank you for the support. I love you guys.” -Billy

“This is my first time here and I feel really warm and welcome from you guys, you have the endless
energy, you are The Sign fan guarantee.” -Babe

You make me feel like home in Thailand, Thank you so much.”-Poom

“I would like you guys to keep following whatever the next project that coming from all of us. Please
continue to support.” -Tack

“It doesn’t matter how many times I visit the Philippines, I feel exactly the same, I’m so excited so energy from you guys, you so very very good, so cute, can you please continue to be like that for a very long time, okay?” -Heng

“This is our 2nd time to come here, your warm welcome as well as the first time here, I love you” -Surprise

The host also call up on stage Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana, CEO of Idol Factory, who were also
love by the fans, gave his message for the fans who came.

“Thank you to support to all of my boys, and I think this will be the good start of our memory that will
continue as well, please support the team also in the future with whatever project that’s coming. Thank
you so much.” -Saint

The boys reappeared to the stage as the performance was coming to a finish. Appearing in barong Tagalog, they performed the Christian Bautista original song “The way you look at me,” an OPM hit, for the Filipino audience. In their final performance, they also shared wonderful memories with the fans by flying paper planes while they sing on-stage. Deep into the Ocean: The Sign Fanmeeting in Manila 2024 is presented by Wish Us Luck Entertainment.


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