Dreamcatcher: Under The Moonlight in Manila Concert

Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐), a seven-member group from South Korea known for their distinctive rock music, comes back to Manila to hold their world tour Dreamcatcher: Under The Moonlight. The group held their concert last August 28 at the New Frontier Theater.

The Manila comeback is here!

Four years in the making, this reunion between Dreamcatcher and InSomnias is surely a dream come true. Their fans “InSomnias” arrived at the venue early and were happily cheering, eager to see the girls.

The group composed of JiU, SuA, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon opened the show with their song Vision followed up by Maison, before introducing themselves to the very energetic crowd. Some of the members spiced up the introduction by starting out with their nicknames (like “Ice princess” for Handong) before their actual stage names.

After all the pleasantries, the group shared their excitement about being back in the Philippines after 4 years and expressed how they missed their Filipino InSomnias during that time; with the hyped up energy gladly returned by the fans.

Birthday surprise for Sua

During a ment, the fans prepared a surprise birthday cake for Sua’s birthday and everyone sang her a happy birthday led by Siyeon. Sua tried tasting the cake, was surprised by the sweetness and thanked everybody for their surprise. Her birthday wish was for both her and InSomnias to be rich!

She also recalled her experience of eating pandesal (Filipino bread), and said that she really likes pandesal. She asked the fans to give her some and the fans obliged by acting out a “pandesal-throwing” gesture at her!

We loved the energy! The group also mentioned that they had fun swimming at their hotel a day before the concert, and shared with their fans how they prepared the night before.

On-stage with Dreamcatcher

The group also performed their new song Demian for the very first time in the Philippines, and everyone was excited and hyped up for the performance. They closed the main stage with the song Wake Up, and opened their encore performance with New Days.

During the song the fan project was held and the staff gave the members their baby standees which made one of the members, Siyeon cry. She stated that she was so touched and happy because seeing her baby picture made her realize that she grew up well. The members comforted Siyeon, also teasing her for crying before proceeding to the last few songs for their encore performance.

The group ended their concert with the song Reason. They then thanked every InSomnia for coming and watching them perform, and roamed every corner of the stage to say their goodbyes to everyone. 

It was a truly memorable experience for each and every Insomnia who attended the group’s concert for it feels like a party and a concert in one! We hope that they enjoyed their time here in the Philippines and will come back again in the future! Dreamcatcher: Under the Moonlight is presented by Random Minds Philippines.

Written by: Danica Espiritu
Photos: Thea Lusterio


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