TAN (To ALL NATIONS) returns to Manila: TAN’s Philippine Promo Tour Press Conference Highlights

TAN (To All Nations) is back to the Philippines for a much-awaited series of guesting and mall shows throughout the country. We got first dibs on what’s in for the group during their media conference and here are some of the things that would surely make the SODAs heart flutter.

“Kamusta po?” TAN’s Changsun, Jiseong, Sunghyuk, Jaejun, Jooan, Hyunyeop and Taehoon warmly greeted the media and introduced themselves in Filipino. The members could flawlessly do their introductions in Tagalog as they previously practiced it a lot when they first visited the Philippines, October last year for their FIRST STEP: TO ALL NATIONS Promo Tour.

The Manila comeback

Being one of the most important “nation” in terms of K-POP, Taehoon believes, visiting Manila again is a must. Jaejun also said that being back here feels like being back home and they eagerly want to be back as early as possible because of a very warm welcome by the Filipino SODAs which made him more grateful. Jaejun is known for his “Gusto ko maging prinsipe ng Pilipinas.”

What TAN is made of: TAN MADE_[I] album

Being a Kpop boy group for a year and half now, TAN debuted with their first mini album 1TAN, followed by 2TAN, Dream&Deurim, Anniversary Album “Essege” and their recent comeback “TAN MADE_[I].

The members shared that they actively participated in writing, composition and production with the initiative of Jaejun and hoped that SODAs will love and enjoy it. They aimed to expressed the feeling of believing in one’s self and having self-confidence through their new songs, hoping that those who will listen will relate and love themselves more.

Hyunyeop also shared that not giving up was the best thing that he got from the survival show Wild Idol and being with the members and their fans is one of the best experiences he ever had.

Jiseong talked about the times he lost his confidence while making music but he said that he just does it anyway. Changsun shared that SODA’s love and support boosted his self-confidence and jokingly said that when they saw their costumes for their music video, they thought of doing workouts more.

TAN as a 4th Gen boy group with a 2nd gen vibe

They also positively reacted on the comments made by fans on being compared to the 2nd generation of K-POP especially to 2PM. They said that listening to their upbeat songs made them do better and exert more effort in doing different styles for their songs.

What TAN looks forward to in Manila this time?

Crispy pata, Halo-halo, Sinigang and Jollibee made to the list of the Filipino foods that they want to try again. Taehoon also reminisced that he even received a pair of Jollibee uniform for his birthday but ended up paying for it because the members didn’t have any cash. Jaejun humorously said that he wants to have a Jollibee advertisement where Jooan even did a quick “eating” action.

Iconic Tagalog Phrases of TAN

This time around, we missed hearing Jaejun’s “Gusto ko maging prinsipe ng Pilipinas.” But on top of that, we had Hyunyeop’s “Pwede bang akin ka na lang?” and some Filipino phrases that they learned last year, like “Mahal ko kayo and kita kits”. With more Filipino words and less shyness this time, we had “Bakit malungkot ang beshy ko?” by Taehoon and Changsun’s “Crush mo ba ako?” to name a few.

Asking TAN what’s their favorite song from their newest album

We had the chance to ask the boys their favorite song but even before that, we’ve seen a priceless reaction when they heard our page’s name, “Oppa is Life” more so when we shared that we are also SODAs who are covering for this event. We asked them what are the songs that best represents them and Jiseong and Hyunyeop shared that they like “New Days”, which happens to be one of the fans’ favorite their album.

On the other hand, Changsun, Sunghyuk and Jaejun picked “Heartbeat”, their latest album’s title track. Jooan chose “Artificial Heart” which he wrote. Lastly, Taehoon, who likes all of their songs, picked “Violet” which was written by Jiseong and Hyunyeop.

TAN is ready to meet SODAs again as they’ll be having mall shows at AyalaMalls Market Market on September 8, Trinoma on September 9 and SM CDO Downtown on September 10! Check out the TAN Philippine Promo Tour mechanics for further details.

Lastly, they invited everyone to support them in their upcoming events, thanked the press, posed for some photos. TAN’s Philippine Promo Tour in Manila is brought to us by SBTown, Think Entertainment, Universal Records Philippines (read more about TAN signing with Universal Records PH) and AyalaMalls.

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Article: Denisse Pascual
Photos: Mikhaela Javier


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