ENHYPEN and Samsung Team Up to Give ENGENEs’ Their Dream Concert Experience at ‘FATE’ World Tour

The recent ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE’ in New Clark City left Filipino ENGENEs with unforgettable memories. From the moment they entered the venue to the final song, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement as fans united to celebrate their love for the group.

Making Memories and Friends

One of the highlights for many fans was the chance to connect with fellow ENGENEs. The fun started even before the concert, as fans gathered to collect themed merchandise and enjoy the entertainment zone. Samsung, the exclusive partner for the event, hosted interactive activities and raffles, providing another avenue for fans to connect and create lasting memories.

Samsung Enhances the Concert Experience

As the exclusive partner, Samsung offered ENGENEs a chance to learn about the new Galaxy S24 Series, designed to be the ultimate concert companion. The booth showcased the phone’s amazing camera capabilities, perfect for capturing high-quality fancams.

ENHYPEN Steals the Show

The group delivered an energetic and unforgettable performance, showcasing their talents and passion with hits like “CRIMINAL LOVE,” “Sweet Venom,” and “Bite Me.” Fans particularly loved “SHOUT OUT” and “Polaroid Love,” with Ran, an artist and ENGENE, saying, “Those songs are special to both ENHYPEN and ENGENEs. They brought back so many emotions.”

The night wasn’t complete without a special moment featuring the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. During “Polaroid Love,” the members used the phone to capture selfies with the audience, creating a heartwarming scene that solidified the bond between ENHYPEN and their fans.

Memories to Last a Lifetime

While the concert may be over, the memories created will last a lifetime. Fans can relive the experience through photos and videos captured on their devices. The Galaxy S24 Series, with its powerful cameras and long-lasting battery, ensures these precious moments are preserved in stunning detail.

Samsung and ENHYPEN, a Match Made in Concert Heaven

The partnership between Samsung and ENHYPEN proved to be a success, providing ENGENEs with an unforgettable concert experience. From creating opportunities for fans to connect to offering the perfect device to capture every moment, Samsung and ENHYPEN truly went above and beyond to make the ‘FATE’ World Tour a dream come true for Filipino ENGENEs.

Photos: Samsung Philippines


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