Eric Nam Ignites Asia Tour with “Before We Begin” in Manila

The wait was agonizing, but for Nam Nation in Manila, the payoff on January 10, 2020, at the New Frontier Theater was pure exhilaration. Eric Nam, the K-Pop idol who defies categorization, launched his “Before We Begin” Asia Tour, and the venue transformed into a pulsating sea of energy.

This wasn’t your standard K-Pop concert; Eric Nam’s show was an electrifying blend of musical prowess, witty banter, and undeniable coolness that kept fans on their feet for the entire two-hour extravaganza.

Eric Nam isn’t one to follow the script. He’s a breath of fresh air in the K-Pop world, and his fans adore him for it. The release of his first full-length English album, “Before We Begin,” marked a significant step in his artistic journey, with tracks like “Come Through” showcasing his smooth vocals and “Love Die Young” highlighting his emotional depth. But it was the playfully energetic “You’re Sexy I’m Sexy” that truly sent the crowd into a frenzy, with everyone singing along and creating an unforgettable night.

Eric’s infectious energy was palpable throughout the concert. He owned the stage, his charisma radiating outwards and captivating the audience. In between electrifying performances, Eric’s witty personality shone through, his banter with the crowd eliciting roars of laughter. It was a concert experience that transcended mere music; it was a night of shared joy, connection, and laughter, all fueled by the undeniable talent and charm of Eric Nam.

This is just the first stop on Eric Nam’s Asia Tour, with Taiwan eagerly awaiting his arrival. But the excitement doesn’t end there – a highly anticipated American leg is set to follow. Buckle up, Nam Nation, because Eric Nam is on a mission to set stages ablaze across the globe. Get ready to sing, dance, and laugh along with this one-of-a-kind artist. The “Before We Begin” tour is more than just a concert; it’s a movement, and Nam Nation is at the heart of it all.


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