Kim Hyun Joong’s Bio-Rhythm in Manila: A Night that’s All Worth the Wait

Nine years in the making, Kim Hyun Joong is finally back in Manila for the last leg of his Bio-Rhythm World Tour. Sharing with you some of the reasons why it is a night worth the wait for all his fans — Henecians.

January 25 — The long wait is over.

“I am really glad that I finally meet my Philippine fans once again.” – Kim Hyun Joong during his ment.

Known for his roles in Korean dramas such as Boys Over Flowers as Yoon Ji Hoo and Playful Kiss as Baek Seung Jo, Kim Hyun Joong together with his Gemini band has been touring the world for the Bio-Rhythm concert and Philippine Henecians are blessed to see him this time for the third time for this tour’s final leg at the SM North EDSA Skydome! Some of the most awaited songs include Bark Matic, Please, Kiss Kiss, Lucky Guy and Why were all included in his song list for this tour.

Henecians are no chill

“I think this place is hot but I will make it hotter. As this is the final Bio-Rythhm concert.I will take care of these two hours.”

The two hours turned two-and-a-half-hour concert is filled with music from his first album down to the latest ones. You can see the excitement of Henecians (the name of his fans) from the beginning of the concert down to the last minute.

Everyone’s been dancing when he’s rocking the stage and the skydome becomes serene when he sings a love song. Kim Hyun Joong has been interacting with the fans throughout the concert. When the fans suddenly sang a short love song, he was surprised that he asked them a lot about it.

This concert is intimate

“Some of my fans here became my fan when they were wearing school uniforms, now some of them are working and some might already be mothers. Maybe at the next concert, they can also bring their kids too.”

Given that the concert venue has been chosen by their management, their main goal is to actually produce a quality concert in an intimate venue where Kim Hyun Joong and his fans can interact and enjoy a night together. While performing, he roams around the stage, gives numerous eye contact with the fans and even takes selfies with the audience!

It brings back all the memories of our first favorites

“When I was in the Philippines before, I visited a small island and the boatman recognized me as one of the actors in Boys over Flowers, that’s when I realized that the kdrama became so popular in the Philippines that even if it is far already, they still recognize me.” 

Most of the fans present at the concert knew about Kim Hyun Joong through his group SS501. Some knew him through the drama Boys over Flowers or Playful Kiss. This night brought the fans back to their first favorites. On to the days when they all started to fangirl for Kim Hyun Joong. He sang ‘Because I’m Stupid’ as a gift to the fans who had been there to support him.

Overflowing fan support

Numerous support from fans all over the world arrived in Manila and Henecians in the Philippines are overwhelmed and grateful. Even before the concert, the fan club Henecians Philippines International conducted an Uzoosin: Cakesicle event to gather fans and hype up the mood before his arrival. A limited number of cup sleeves were available a week before the show started too.

What’s your favorite part of the show?


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