Escaping Zombies: My All Of Us Are Dead Watch Party Experience

I’ve been to numerous online events already even during the pandemic and that includes press conferences, Hallyu Hangouts, and a few zoom events but Netflix always goes beyond expectations and produces fun and memorable events for us– Yep, always! Among the favorites is this All Of Us Are Dead Watch Party!

The virtual photobooth

Netflix photobooths always excite me. Why? It always gives that onsite event vibe I’ve been missing for a while now, especially the times when my friends and I often line up just to get a photo souvenir. It’s nice to actually experience photo booths again in the comfort of my own room.

Apart from that, it’s been a while since I wore my old school uniform so I got super excited about this. But since it’s already ages ago since I graduated from high school, I actually wore my college uniform with a random jumper from my closet because I already threw my high school uniform.

If you are looking for me here, nope I am not here but my dog Soju is present!

Zombie Survival Kit Handbook

The handbook contains funny and ‘practical’ ways how to use the Netflix survival kit in case of a zombie outbreak. The funniest part is that when I opened the kit, it contains everything we really used when we were in high school! Can you guess what the items are inside?

So here’s the jampacked zombie survival kit! There’s a backpack, tape, glue, pens, clipboards, chalks (like a whole box of chalks, seriously!), crayons, notebooks, ruler, sticky notes, teddy bear, match sticks, push pins, and even a volleyball! If this is not enough to let you survive the zombie outbreak, then you probably need to re-do your PE class for your basic running lessons and some leg work.

Here’s a closer look at the All Of Us Are Dead notebook. Are you reminded of that ‘Daisy Siete’ and ‘Darna’-inspired notebook we got when we were younger?

The zombie outbreak is here!

Participants for this event enjoyed an afternoon of games and tons of laughter during the All Of Us Are Dead-inspired challenges. We had a number of challenges including decoding, hidden object games, and trivia questions. 

Apart from the simulated online games, what I enjoyed most is the part when we actually used the survival kit sent to us to ‘survive’ in the hallway and avoid zombies. We wrapped our arms with a lot of binder fillers in a short period of time.

The way I wrapped my arms doesn’t feel secure at all! And it is funny that I wrapped myself too much and ended up having a hard time removing it after the game.

When the fried chicken arrived at home, I’ve been wondering what exactly is the relevance of this food on the plot of the drama because I am pretty sure that it has. Then here comes episode one where Cheong San chicken shop has been featured.

This watch party is actually an early screener of the drama and we had the chance to watch the first episode before its actual airing day. Thus, I kept all the feels overnight so I won’t spoil my friends before they watch it.

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