Celebrating Valentines Day with Netflix ft. Twenty Five Twenty One and Forecasting Love And Weather

It’s the sweetest gift whenever it is unexpected! This kit arrived at home without prior notice that’s why even my parents didn’t bother to check who is outside because we are not expecting delivery for that day. To our surprise, it’s a valentines day gift from Netflix!

As the feels still overflow while I unbox this, let me share with you how I exactly felt looking straight at the merch inside the Netflix Valentines Day box! 

I am really excited for February because it is finally the month wherein my most awaited drama Twenty Five Twenty One will finally be airing! As a low-key fan of Nam Joo Hyuk, I always get excited every time he has a new drama, film, or even a quick guesting.

I have also seen a lot of teasers for it and it makes me super excited! I knew that Kim Tae Ri will surely portray her role so well being an athlete. And well, I shall admit that I have a bias for sports dramas.

Another drama that’ll air back to back with Twenty Five Twenty One is Forecasting Love and Weather with Park Min Young and Song Kang headlining the series. This office comedy-drama is somewhat different from other dramas because we haven’t seen any drama that took weather forecasters as the main leads. 

What makes me excited about this is that I’ve recently watched Jirisan and somehow enjoyed how they incorporated the jobs on the drama so I am also looking forward to this. Both dramas will air on Netflix this February 12!

Now here’s the full ‘couple-thingy’ set only for me! :))

When I am about to leave the house to go grocery shopping, this arrived and it kit comes with a very pretty pinky cloth with the Netflix Tassel Keychain that I initially thought that it is actually a huge lunch box people bring at the park. (Well, just like the ones you see in Kdramas.)

When I opened it, I love how the white and pink aesthetic this set gives off. The “His and Hers” concept totally nails it but I don’t have the ‘His’ yet so I better use both! Lol. And yes, I love that there are two coffee sticks and two soju bottles perfect for my Kdrama binge-watching moments.

Okay, is it actually appropriate to say that the scent of this candle is so addicting, I am having a serious affair with this one that I am already checking the brand on Instagram as I will probably purchase one pretty soon! The soy candle’s brand is Lit Candle Co. Go and check them out, they are on Shopee too! This also contains a pretty flower on top also!

Here’s a closer look at the bottles! So what kdramas actually remind you of these two cutie character designs?

Disclaimer: This post contains sponsored products but I give my honest opinion based on my personal experience. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own.


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