Exploring the Vibrant Thai Music Scene: A Look at My 2023 Playlist

In the ever-evolving landscape of music, Thai songs have been making a significant mark, capturing the hearts of listeners with their catchy tunes and emotional depth.

As we close the memory lane of 2023, let’s dive into the tracks that have found a special place on my playlist, adding a unique Thai flavor to my playlist. (Disclaimer: Not all songs are released in 2023.)

HYBS – Would You Mind

HYBS’s “Would You Mind” kicks off the list with its captivating melody and soulful vocals. Aside from this song, HYBS really spiced up my playlist this year with their songs “Dancing with my phone”, “Rockstar”, “Ride” and “Runaway”. The song effortlessly blends pop and R&B elements, creating an immersive experience that makes it a standout addition to any playlist.

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Fourth Nattawat – Please Be Mine

“Please Be Mine” by Fourth Nattawat is a sweet serenade that shows the bubbly and fun personality of Fourth. With its heartfelt lyrics and melodic arrangement, the song showcases Fourth Nattawat’s vocal prowess and ability to convey emotions through music.

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Love in the Air Series OST – Love in The Air

The OST “Love in the Air” from the series of the same title adds a touch of romance to the playlist. These tracks, with their dreamy tunes and emotional resonance, perfectly capture the essence of love, making them ideal companions for moments of reflection and affection.

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Between Us OST – Our Song

The “Between Us” OST contributes to the diverse musical landscape, offering a mix of tracks that complement the storyline of the series. From upbeat tunes to poignant ballads, this OST brings the show’s emotions to life even outside the screen.

Mew Suppasit – “Spaceman” and “Turn Off The Alarm”

Mew Suppasit’s “Spaceman” and “Turn Off The Alarm” showcase the artist’s versatility. “Spaceman” takes listeners on a cosmic journey with its beats and melodramatic lyrics.

While “Turn Off The Alarm” infuses energy with its upbeat tempo, proving Mew’s ability to experiment with different genres.

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Billkin – Mr. Everything

“Mr. Everything” by Billkin is a testament to the artist’s endless charisma and musical prowess. The track’s catchy hooks and dynamic arrangement make it a go-to for those looking to add a touch of sweet but swag to their playlist.

PP Krit – Fire Boy

PP Krit’s “Fire Boy” ignites the playlist with its energetic beats and fiery lyrics. This track is a perfect addition for those seeking an adrenaline boost, thanks to its pulsating rhythm and powerful delivery.

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Dew Jirawat – North Star

“North Star” by Dew Jirawat provides a serene moment in the playlist. Its calming melody and introspective lyrics make it an ideal choice for contemplative moments, allowing listeners to find solace in its gentle embrace.

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Bright Vachirawit – My Ecstasy

Bright Vachirawit’s “My Ecstasy” concludes the playlist with its infectious energy and upbeat vibe. The song’s lively rhythm and Bright’s charismatic vocals create a perfect closing act, leaving a lasting impression.

In summary, these Thai songs and OSTs have added a rich tapestry of emotions and sounds to my 2023 playlist. From soulful ballads to energetic pop, each track reflects the diversity and creativity within the Thai music scene, making them an integral part of my musical journey this year.


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