Familiar Faces, New Flavors: VIU’s “Secret Ingredient” Cast Brings Spice to the Story | Drama Review

VIU’s latest offering and a new personal favorite, “Secret Ingredient,” is a delightful culinary drama that transcends borders. Starring rising stars Sang Hoon Lee, Julia Barreto, and Nicholas Saputra, the series promises a heartwarming exploration of love, family, work, and the delicious complexities of social status.

Meet the cast

Sang Hoon Lee takes on the role of Hajoon, a Korean chef with a past that intertwines with the Philippines. Lee, known for his charming role in “XO, Kitty” brings his charisma and acting chops to this character with a secret yearning.

Julia Barretto portrays Maya, a passionate Filipino chef determined to carve her own path into the culinary world. Barretto, a household name in the Philippines, infuses Maya with her signature spark and determination.

Nicholas Saputra the established Indonesian actor known for his captivating roles in movies, plays a seasoned head chef who adds a touch of experience and mentorship to the story.

A Blend of Love and Social Struggles

The drama explores the connection between Maya and Hajoon, whose past and culinary aspirations intertwine. Social divides may create obstacles, but their love for food and each other could bridge the gap. Nicholas Saputra’s character likely plays a pivotal role in their professional lives, perhaps as a mentor or even a rival chef.

Beyond the Food: A Universal Story

“Secret Ingredient” isn’t just about food. It delves into the challenges everyone faces – navigating love, family dynamics, and finding your place in the world. This adds a layer of relatability to the characters’ journeys, regardless of your background.

Fans of both Pinoy and Korean dramas will find something to love here. The series offers the heartwarming charm of a Filipino rom-com with the captivating storytelling often found in Korean dramas. It’s like getting the best of both worlds!

If you’re looking for a feel-good drama with a dash of romance, a sprinkle of family drama, and a generous helping of cultural exploration, then “Secret Ingredient” is the perfect recipe for your next binge-watch. “Secret Ingredient” is available on VIu Philippines.


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