Five reasons why Aja aja Tayo is a must see for Filipino viewers

Aja aja tayo, a game show which currently airs at Tv5 hypes up the Saturday afternoon of viewers all around the Philippines. Aside from the fun it brings, the show also showcases Filipino and Korean talents together in one ‘Korean style’ variety show. If you haven’t seen an episode of it yet, let me first give you reasons why it’s a must see!

  1. It’s the first collaboration between Filipino and Korean production

When it’s a collaboration, it only means it is huge! I visited the set of Aja aja Tayo to see how things go in terms of the production design and lay-out of the program. True enough, directors and the team are composed of Filipinos and Koreans! The set layout reminds me of a Korean show, ‘After school club’ and the games were ‘running man’ alike.

  1. Every episode, you’ll see different big-time guests

Since it’s a game show that battles for a cash prize and minor prizes every game, the players were mixed together and they are composed of Filipinos and Koreans headed by their team leaders Wilma Doesnt and Mr. Fu. Every episode, they have invited guests that you need to watch out for!

  1. You’ll learn Korean games

We all love games! But these are some of the games that Filipinos aren’t aware of yet. Ever heard of Sam-yuk-gu? The chicken fight? Here in this show, you’ll learn all of that and a few more other Korean themed games that you may adopt on your next party!

  1. The editing is super ‘Korean style’

From the video design down to sound effects and background music, it’s a guarantee that you’ll enjoy the one hour show. It runs every Saturday afternoon starting at 11:30AM. They also have the episode ‘Bahala si Robin at Paul’ where mini-games are played with the guests!

  1. They are in for loads of surprises!

Aside from the fun that the show would bring, they are spicing up your viewers experience by giving a ‘Surprising Event’ and that also gives you the chance to win a trip to South Korea! Check on the poster details to learn more about the current online promotions!

Don’t forget to watch Aja aja Tayo every Sunday, 10:30AM to 12:00NN so you won’t miss the afternoon fun for your weekend!


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