Gear Up for X:IN’s Manila Debut at SBTown Music Fiesta: Must-Listen Tracks!

Calling all READY (X:IN’s fandom) in the Philippines! Brace yourselves because the fiery rookies, X:IN, are taking the stage at the SBTown Music Fiesta happening on May 26th at the Rizal Open Auditorium, Rizal Park Luneta, Manila City. To get you pumped up for their electrifying performance and help you truly appreciate their talent, here’s a curated list of X:IN songs you absolutely need to listen to before the big day.

Unleash the Inner Flame: Debut Bangers That Define X:IN’s Power

KEEPING THE FIRE (debut title track)
This isn’t just a song; it’s a declaration. “KEEPING THE FIRE” explodes with powerful vocals, dynamic rapping, and a fierce energy that perfectly embodies X:IN’s concept. Blast this track on repeat and feel the unwavering determination burning within you – you’ll be ready to roar along with the girls at the concert!


Don’t let the sweet title fool you. “MY IDOL” is another high-octane track brimming with infectious hooks and captivating choreography. This song showcases X:IN’s charisma and vocal prowess as they deliver a tribute to their musical inspirations.

Hit the Dance Floor with Infectious Grooves and Energy:


Clear some space in your living room because “NO DOUBT” is a guaranteed party starter. This track is a sonic whirlwind with an irresistible rhythm, dynamic rap verses, and a catchy chorus that will have you moving your body uncontrollably. More than that, it was shoot in the Philippines!


Here’s a song that will not only get your heart pumping but also prepare you for the electrifying atmosphere at the concert. “SYNCHRONIZE” seamlessly blends powerful vocals with a dynamic melody, creating the perfect anthem for practicing your fan chants and synchronized moves with fellow READYs.


Not all of X:IN’s music is about fierce energy and burning desires. “WITHDRAW” allows you to connect with the girls on a deeper level. This anthem-like song showcases their vocal range and ability to deliver a heartfelt yet remarkable performance. It’s a beautiful song perfect for a moment of reflection and appreciation for X:IN’s artistry.


Feeling a little misunderstood? Belt out “NEVER SORRY” at the top of your lungs! This empowering anthem is a testament to staying true to yourself, no matter what. It’s a song that celebrates individuality and encourages you to embrace your unique identity – a perfect message for the READY fandom!

Bonus Track: Witness X:IN’s Growth with “WHO AM I”

For a true READY veteran, experiencing X:IN’s journey from pre-debut to their current fiery glory is a must. Dive back into their pre-debut single, “WHO AM I,” and witness the raw talent and potential that blossomed into the phenomenal group they are today.

By jamming to this playlist, you’ll be fully prepared to sing along, light up the Rizal Open Auditorium with your fellow READY members, and experience the electrifying energy of X:IN live at the SBTown Music Fiesta! Get ready for an unforgettable night of K-Pop magic and the chance to witness the rise of these talented rookies!


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