Global Music Icons Collab: Lay Zhang and Lauv Drop New Single “Run Back to You”

Run back to you

The music world is buzzing with anticipation as Asian megastar Lay Zhang and American pop sensation Lauv join forces for their much-awaited single, “Run Back to You.” Released last Feb 23, this collaboration promises a captivating blend of contemporary pop melodies and nostalgic retro vibes, resonating with audiences worldwide.

“Run Back to You” delves into the complexities of love and relationships, with Lay yearning over Lauv’s sweet harmonies, “All I do is run back to you / Why do we keep making the same mistakes?” The song is set to an infectious pop beat with catchy synths, guaranteed to get listeners moving.

Both artists express their excitement for the project. Lay shares, “‘Run Back To You’ is about learning from your past and growing from it all… We had so much fun making this together, and hope everyone can dance along.” Lauv echoes the enthusiasm, adding, “I met Lay on my first trip to Mainland China… I can’t believe it’s finally coming out, let’s hope the world is ready for us!”

To emphasize the epicness of the project, the music video features Twitch streamer Valkyrae, adding her unique energy and fun to the mix. This unexpected team-up of Lay Zhang, Lauv, and Valkyrae brings together stars from different corners of entertainment, creating a buzz and promising a truly captivating experience for fans.

Watch now:

“Run Back to You” doesn’t just mark a new musical chapter for both artists, it signifies a significant milestone in Lay Zhang’s global journey. This release paves the way for his highly anticipated album, further solidifying his position as a leading force in the international music scene.


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