Songs By B.I To Listen To That Will *Keep You Up All Night*

Filo IDs, it’s ~that~ time of the year again when B.I returns to the Philippines! ICYMI: The K-pop soloist is set to hold a fan meeting at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on March 4, 2024 in collaboration with streetwear brand Privé Alliance and MakeItLive Asia.

There is so much in store for his fans, including limited-edition Privé Alliance merch, performances, interactions, and more! Before we fast forward to d-day, here are some of his best songs to hype you up:


Released in 2021 from the album of the same name, “WATERFALL” will take you to B.I’s journey as it’s the first song that he wrote “after being left alone in the world.” He tells a story of how he learned to accept the past, focus on the present, and look forward to the future. The synth beats of “WATERFALL” are catchy on their own but prepare to have serious LSS once he performs it onstage—especially during the dance break.


If there’s a track by B.I that will remind you of spring, that would be “COSMOS.” Maybe it’s because of the field of flowers you’ll see in the music video, the upbeat melody of the song, or the swoon-worthy lyrics like “You are my cosmos, my universe. Don’t lose that shine that makes you hard to stare.” Either way, you’re guaranteed to feel good in a snap!


In 2022, everyone went ~biteul biteul~ when B.I dropped this powerful pre-release single about

being so in love with someone that it makes you weak in the knees. The track quickly topped music charts around the world, reached millions of streams on Spotify and views on YouTube, and even started a dance challenge on TikTok!

Songs By B.I To Listen To That Will *Keep You Up All Night*

“Die For Love”

B.I collaborates with Korean-American rapper Jessi for “Die For Love” in which his other song “BTBT” was cleverly included in the lyrics (“All eyes on you, got me feelin’ biteul biteul). It gives off retro and disco-pop, and you’ll find yourself dancing to it in no time! The rap part from Jessi just hits the spot and it perfectly matches the energy of the track.

“Dare To Love”

If “Die For Love” will have you dancing on the floor, “Dare To Love” will have you humming it anywhere you go. It’s a cute (both melody and lyrics-wise) confession where B.I bravely sings that he will do anything for the one he adores. Korean rapper Big Naughty adds his signature flair to “Dare To Love” and we especially love his voice at the end of the song!


“Keep Me Up”

“Keep Me Up” will ~get you in circles~ in a span of three minutes and twenty-six seconds and trust us, anyone you recommend it to will instantly love listening to it. The track is easy on the ears, the lyrics will make you feel things, and the choreography is so sleek—if we could describe “Keep Me Up” in one word, it’s a vibe.

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