GMMTV Stars OffGun and PondPhuwin Send Warm Greetings to Filipino Fans Ahead of ‘GMMTV Fan Day 13’ in Manila

Excitement is building as GMMTV actors Pond Naravit, Phuwin Tangsakyuen, Off Jumpol, and Gun Atthaphan gear up for their highly-anticipated “GMMTV Fan Day 13” event in Manila. In a recent video greeting, the stars expressed their eagerness to meet their Filipino fans and shared glimpses of what to expect at the upcoming fan meeting.

The young actors charmed fans by introducing themselves to Tagalog, with Pond and Phuwin particularly highlighting their anticipation to interact with their Filipino supporters, known for their passionate enthusiasm. Off and Gun, fondly addressing their fans as “Babiis,” shared their joy at the prospect of reuniting with them after their previous fanmeeting last year. The duo also hinted at special performances and interactive games prepared especially for the Manila event.

Fans can still secure their tickets to “GMMTV Fan Day 13 in Manila,” happening on July 6 at Skydome, through This event offers a rare opportunity to see some of GMMTV’s most beloved BL couples, OffGun and PondPhuwin, up close and personal.Pond and Phuwin gained fame through their hit drama, “Fish upon the Sky,” while OffGun captivated audiences with their acclaimed series, “Theory of Love.”

For further updates and information, fans are encouraged to follow CDM Entertainment’s official social media channels. “GMMTV Fan Day 13 in Manila” is a collaboration between GMMTV and CDM Entertainment, promising an unforgettable experience for Filipino fans.


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