GoKain Bistro: Affordable Korean fine dining resto in Taft

Up for a classic healthy Korean meal that’s just around Taft avenue? We found a gem that only most students know. GoKain Bistro caters to your cravings for a homemade style of Korean food!


A little bit on the fine dining and traditional style of a Korean restaurant, the place used to be a talk of the town in social media for a few weeks due to its simple aesthetic display. It has a pretty low light which is obviously one of the reasons why it isn’t that noticeable from the outside. Plus, the location isn’t that popular if you are not a student or someone living near University Mall in Taft (It’s beside DLSU).

When I saw this area, I initially thought that it was actually magazines but I was surprised that when we came closer to the displays, they were signed albums, and yup, most of them are rare and my favorites! There’s actually a Laboum signed album that I used to have!!! It made me reminisce on my favorite Kpop years because most of them were albums from the era that I was so active!

What got us to enter this restaurant is the menu’s name. It’s called ‘From my ex-wife’s secret recipe’ which my friend and I think that it’s very funny and somehow a little legit for the food listed on the menu aren’t really common.

We tried Jaeyuk Bokkum and Osambulgogi (both at 199 pesos) and it comes with fried egg, macaroni salad, and vegetable salad. Size-wise, it’s actually big since it was served in a pan-like platter that Koreans normally use. 

If I am to critic the taste, it’s so legit that it tastes homemade. However, I just find the squid a little overcooked since it’s quite chewy but overall in terms of the flavor. I really like it.

We also ordered Tteokkochi (skewered rice cake). It’s actually my first time to try fried tteok and I was surprised by its texture. The three sticks cost 99 pesos and it comes with unlimited side dishes like kimchi and radish.

They also have ice creams for ala carte and have soft drinks too.

Here’s their menu for your reference.


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