Unveiling “Gyeongsong Creature”: Get Ready for A Fusion of Romance, History, and the Supernatural

As the much-anticipated Netflix series “Gyeongsong Creature” 경성크리처 is set to grace our screens on December 22nd, the cast are eager to share insights into the making of this unique never before seen period drama and creature genre in one show.

Actors Park Seo Jun, Han So Hee, Claudia Ki, Kim Hae Sook ,Cho Han Cheul and Director Chung Dong Yoon meets the media for the press presentation of “Gyeongsong Creature,” to share about the intricate details that shape the narrative of the show.

“Gyeongsong Creature”

In 1945 in Gyeongseong (now known as Seoul) during the colonial rule, an entrepreneur and a female detective teams up to fight against a monstrous entity that came out of human greed.

Get to know more about characters

“I’m sure when you watch the drama, you’ll get to understand his character and appreciate his looks,” says Park Seo Jun, emphasizing the wealth and stylish aura of Tae Sang.

The actor shares that extensive research went into portraying the character authentically, expressing the challenges of conveying emotions within the context of the era.

Han So Hee, his co-star, who plays the role “Yoon Cha Ok” commends the collaborative effort between the actors, stating, “It was a reserved romance, but it was the context where you understand it.” She emphasizes the significance of the historical background and the influence of other characters in shaping her performance.

Claudia Kim mentioned that she acquired the traditional manner of speaking Japanese for her character but also had difficulty in finding someone where she can learn it.

Despite the competitive atmosphere on set, veteran actress Kim Hae Sook, playing the role “Nawol Daek” praises the grandiosity of the production, expressing her desire for the set to remain intact even after the shooting concludes. She marvels at the attention to detail, transporting the cast and crew back to 1945.

Cho Han Cheul, portraying a romanticist in search of his wife, shares his inspiration for the character. “Yoon Joong Won”, (the character he portrays) is someone who really loves his wife that he brought his daughter in search of his wife.

The concept and design of “Gyeongsong Creature”

Director Chung Dong Yoon delves into the concept of “Greed” in 1945, relating it to the historical context and the underlying theme of the show. He expresses excitement about the fusion of the “creature genre” and the “historical period,” teasing the anticipation surrounding the unfolding story.

“I watched a lot of movies, but at the end of the day, I wanted to create a creature that’s our own,” he says. The uniqueness of the creature is emphasized in the show’s opening title, providing a glimpse into its origin.

Challenges during filming

Park Seo Jun discusses the challenges they faced during filming, praising the preparation of the director and crew. Reflecting on action scenes, he shares,

“There are “action scenes” and “action scenes packed with so much emotion”. It can be tough at times, but it’s okay.” Han So Hee emphasizes the emotional restraint required for their characters, adding depth to the romance.

As the cast and director extend their hopes for an enjoyable viewing experience, “Gyeongsong Creature” promises a period drama like no other, where romance, camaraderie, and the supernatural converge to create a captivating narrative that even global fans will truly enjoy.

Watch the trailer here:

Make sure to mark your calendars! The first part of Gyeongsong Creature will be out on December 22 and the second part will be on January 5, 2024. Get ready to be transported back in 1945 in Gyeongsong where you can meet the legendary “Gyeongsong Creature”.

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