Chanyeol Unleashes Charms, Style, and Creativity: A Night to Remember with the Cherry Prince at Penshoppe’s Fan Meeting in Manila

EXO-Ls, buckle up! The cherry on top of our excitement sundae has finally arrived, and it’s none other than our beloved Park Chanyeol gracing the stage at the Mall of Asia Arena on December 16, 2023, for a fan meeting that left us all giddy and thrilled!

The energy skyrocketed as Chanyeol, our cherry prince, took the stage in a slick performance, crooning to ‘Nothin” while sporting exclusive Penshoppe fits that screamed style with a capital ‘S’ for Style! Fans were in for a treat from the get-go as he effortlessly owned the stage with his charisma and undeniable talent.

The evening kicked off with a warm welcome to Filipino fans, setting the tone for what was to be an evening packed with surprises and *kilig* moments.

Keeping up with Chanyeol

The “Keeping up with Chanyeol” segment was an absolute delight! The Cherry Prince dove into a pool of oversized envelopes, each holding secrets and questions about his personal style and fond memories from his time in the Philippines during his younger days. It was a heartwarming journey into Chanyeol’s world that fans cherished.

As if our hearts weren’t already aflutter, the “Happy Virus” graced us with a lightning-fast Q&A session, answering questions straight from the audience. Swoon-worthy doesn’t even begin to cover it! Who would have thought between “Mahal Kita” or “Miss na Kita” Park Chanyeol screamed “Mahal Kita” as his favorite Filipino expression!

“Don’t Mess Up My Tempo”

The tempo soared higher as Chanyeol became the audience for the “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo!” segment. Fans showcased their moves in PENSHOPPE-produced dance videos, with Chanyeol gamely guessing the original choreographed songs. His connection with fans shone bright, and his playful nature was infectious!

“The Best of The World”

But wait, there’s more! Chanyeol, the creative genius that he is, took the stage to design three unique PENSHOPPE tees, each a masterpiece crafted before our eyes. These artistic gems were then raffled off, leaving three lucky winners with a piece of Chanyeol’s creativity, adorned with names he coined himself – “cherry,” “dog,” and the “best of the world.” Plus a kiss to the shirts (as a blessing!) from the cherry prince himself. 

Chanyeol’s “Mahal Kita” is our weakness

And if that wasn’t enough to set our hearts a flutter, the ultimate challenge emerged! The host dared Chanyeol to express “Mahal Kita” (I love you) in various styles.

The Kilig Meter soared as he said it with a wink, in a fashion-forward manner with a surprising and flex, and even serenaded the crowd with “Mahal Kita” sung in the melody of ‘Hawak Kamay’, a special Tagalog song that holds memories of his first performance in the Philippines with EXO.

Special Stages

But wait, the night was a rollercoaster of emotions and thrills! Chanyeol didn’t just steal our hearts with his charm and wit; he also graced us with powerhouse performances of fan favorites like “Tomorrow,” “SSFW,” “Rodeo Station,” and his latest chart-topper, “Good Enough.” The energy was electric, to say the least!

This Penshoppe fan meet wasn’t just the cherry on top of Chanyeol’s bustling year in the Philippines; it was a milestone. It marked his debut solo performances of several tracks right here in Manila, an exhilarating addition to his ongoing fancon tour.

Since March, Chanyeol’s been turning heads as PENSHOPPE’s ambassador, effortlessly flaunting their Easy Neutrals collection – from chic elegance to laid-back coolness, he nails it all. But it’s not just about style; it’s about connection. Chanyeol’s collaboration with PENSHOPPE goes beyond fashion; it’s about strengthening bonds with fans and patrons alike.

PENSHOPPE isn’t just a brand; it’s a style movement, a platform for boundless self-expression in everyday life. Just like Chanyeol, they encourage you to make bold yet authentic statements that scream “you.”

Stay tuned to PENSHOPPE’s social channels for more on the electrifying collaboration between PENSHOPPE and Chanyeol. It’s where style meets charisma!


Words: Alexine Jimenez
Photos: Penshoppe, Oppa is Life


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