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 ‘Her Private life 그녀의 사생활’ is a Korean drama that talks about how far can a fangirl go for the sake of ‘Fangirling.’  With this plot, fans all over the world can eventually relate their own stories to the life of the lead character ‘Sung Deok Mi,’ who is a professional curator by day and a hardcore fangirl at night. The last few episodes will be aired this week so we are giving you a rundown of what others should learn from this show:

Sung Deok Mi is an epitome of a fangirl’s story

Given that the lead role is a fangirl, it is already expected that it excites all the fans of Kpop and Kdrama all over the globe to see what this drama could offer. But what sets her role apart from the usual fangirl is that Sung Deok Mi is a hardcore fan who is a professional art gallery curator in the morning and shows her quirky responsible fansite-nim at night. She welcomes everyone in her online community of fans and treats them fairly like her own sisters despite only meeting them online.

Ryan Gold / Heo Yoon Jae is our dream boyfriend

As a fangirl, who wouldn’t like to find that perfect guy who supports your passion for fangirling? Ryan Gold, having the typical character of a boss in the story of a boss-employee relationship may seem usual but this guy just brought us to a whole new level of overflowing feels as he even engaged himself to the K-community just to understand the interest of the girl he likes. He even protects the identity of his girl to maintain her credibility as a fansite-noona and protect her from work-related issues.

The funny true to life story of families who cannot accept that their children are fangirls or fanboys

 Let’s admit it, there are parents who still cannot accept their kids are fangirls and more often than not, they get the scolding they do not deserve for being a fan. Like Deok mi, we all wish to meet our idols, collect a few memorabilia, do the ‘fangirl pilgrimage’ and pray that we have all the money in the world so that we can buy all their merch to support them! The family of Deok Mi is not an exemption to this since she moved out of her family house to build her own fangirl dream house filled with merch!

We have best friends in the K-community

The K-community is huge but there’s always a certain fangirl friend that would often make you feel like you are sisters from different mothers. Having a best friend that’s also a fangirl is a big relief because there are instances that your family and friends couldn’t understand the heartaches and happiness of seeing your idol comebacks on stage, started dating and wins an award. We bet that all fangirls deserve to find a best friend in the K-community and we hope that you do.

Yup, fans celebrate special days like anniversaries, birthdays and wins of our idols (even welcoming them at the airport!)

Cakes? Fan gifts? Fan letters? Fan art? What’s the best thing that you can probably give to your idol once they celebrate their birthday or anniversary? When an idol celebrates a special day, the feeling is mutual with their fans, sometimes, they have more feels than their idols!

Fans are always up for something special and that means that they prepare it a few weeks or months before the special day. Remember when Deok Mi asked the online community if they should buy a cake for Si An’s birthday? Or how about the episode where she decided to bid for the painting to give it as a present to her idol on behalf of the fan club?

Don’t touch our merch unless you are a fan too

Ever wonder how a fangirl’s room or dream room look like? Deok Mi’s house describes it all. Complete from the paintings, fan arts, slogans, postcards, merchandise up to the bottle that Si An threw during an event — which apparently has been caught by Deok Mi — is displayed in one of her shelves. Also, don’t be surprised if you are visiting a fangirl friend’s house and there are posters all over the wall, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We love problem-solving!

Have you tried welcoming your idol at the airport? Ever wonder if he’d actually go out or if it’s safe to go out at the arrival area if there are hundreds or thousands of fans waiting for him? I’m sure during these instances, you’ll be having second thoughts on which exit will an idol go out.

A lot of problem-solving is needed when you are a fangirl, sometimes you even try to figure out when a certain couple started to date or what type of girl is the ideal girl of your idol.

We care more than others do

A lot might hate Sindy in this drama but we have to appreciate her passionate love for her idol Si An. As she claimed ‘My real occupation is fangirling’ and she proved that throughout the drama. Despite how much hate she receives, she continues to find the truth behind the relationship of Ryan Gold and Deok Mi to update her followers who are also fans of Si An that their idol is not dating at all.

Fans are contented seeing their idols from afar (but sometimes, a lucky draw can change our life!)

Watching an artist, on-screen already gives a fangirl a sense of happiness. What more when they see them in flesh? Through concerts and fan meetings, fans receive the chance to at least spend a few hours of their lives seeing their idol from afar but that moment even flutters their hearts.

The moment they spent will be forever remembered vividly and it is sure that whenever someone opens about the topic, you can still discuss it clearly from the bottom of your heart.


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