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A film with a dash of drama and sprinkled with lots of comedy, “Congrats My Ex!” is a must-see film if you need a light and funny show to brighten up your mood. Aside from the happy vibe it brings, this is also another treat for the fans of Bright Vachirawit since this is a new genre for him.


Bella Ranee Campen as Risa
Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree as Tim
Mahir Pandhi as Arun
Anahita Bhooshan as Monica


Congrats My Ex! features the story of Risa who works as a wedding planner together with her two friends. One day, her business which is about to go bankrupt got contacted to create and facilitate a grand Indian wedding. However, the groom is her ex-boyfriend Arum. To make things more complicated for her, Risa also enlisted the help of her other ex-boyfriend Tim who is a photographer. She tries to resolve her feelings while dealing with the wedding fiasco she’s currently organizing.

Meeting Your Exes

Meeting your ex might be awkward but what more if you are meeting two of your exes at the same time? This comedy-drama film gives us a funny take on how someone would deal unresolved issues with her ex while being professional at work at the same time.

The “Bollywood” Feel

The story doesn’t just feature a simple storyline in Thailand, it also showcased bits and pieces of “Indian culture” and showed us what a grand Indian wedding looks like. Since it became a bit more of a “bollywood” film, expect to see a sing and dance portion like we often see in Indian films.

The chemistry of the lead actors

The chemistry between Bright Vachirawit and Bella Ranee is indeed expected. It was shared before that Bella Ranee first thought of Bright when she read the script and I must agree that he fits the character well and Bright’s acting is improving as well.

“Congrats, My Ex!” is available on Prime Video.


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