Hyoyeon Brings the House Down in Manila!

The tremors were felt all the way from South Korea – Girls’ Generation’s DJ Hyo, or Hyoyeon for her fans, descended upon Manila’s House Manila at Resorts World last February 8, 2020, and it was a night that left SONEs (the affectionate name for Girls’ Generation fans) buzzing with excitement! The energy was electric, the music infectious, and the night, unforgettable.

Hyoyeon, known for her incredible stage presence and undeniable talent, didn’t disappoint. Transforming into DJ Hyo behind the decks, she spun a masterful mix of tracks that had the crowd moving all night long. Of course, there were generous helpings of her own solo hits – the pulsating beats of “Sober,” the edgy anthem “Punk Right Now,” and the girl-crush anthem “Badster” all made an appearance. But DJ Hyo expertly wove these in with trending chart-toppers and crowd-requested favorites, keeping the party a vibrant blend of new and familiar.

A special treat for the Filipino SONEs came in the form of a electrifying remix of Girls’ Generation’s mega-hit “Gee.” The song that launched them into international stardom got a fresh, club-ready makeover, and the crowd erupted in cheers, belting out the iconic chorus with renewed fervor. It was a testament to Girls’ Generation’s enduring legacy and the special connection they have with their Filipino fans.

The love was palpable throughout the night. Fans, decked out in their best SONEs gear, held up banners and signs professing their adoration. One particularly heartwarming moment came when a large banner declaring “You’re the best DJ!” was raised. Hyoyeon, touched by the gesture, took the banner and waved it high above her head, acknowledging the love from her Filipino SONEs.

As the night drew to a close, DJ Hyo didn’t disappoint. With Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida” pumping through the speakers, she sent the crowd off on a euphoric high. It was the perfect ending to a night filled with music, dance, and the undeniable power of fandom. With the memories of that electrifying night at House Manila still fresh, SONEs are eagerly awaiting DJ Hyo’s next Manila takeover. Here’s hoping they won’t have to wait too long!


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