Jeju : International Convention Jeju (ICC Jeju)

International Convention Center Jeju popularly known as ICC Jeju is home to Duty free shop and banks. As well, you can find restaurants, convenience store, business center, and wedding halls inside! 

When we were about to enter, I was a little afraid ’cause it somehow feels lonely from the outside, was it because everything is made out of glass and there aren’t that many people inside during that time? Well, maybe yes.


It could cater to a lot of events at the same time since it’s designed for huge conventions and meetings. You can read more about it at ICC Jeju for other concerns related to accommodations. On their site, you can also book your reservations and check on their available dates.

The Experience

When I stepped down from our bus, the first thing that popped out in my mind is that ‘Wow! It looks like an airport. No! Actually better than the airport.’ Since it was built only in 2003, the structure is still new and updated. It’s bigger than how it looks when you are outside.

I need to give 11 out of 10 stars for the food they serve. It’s the best buffet I tried so far. I love everything — I swear! I didn’t get to take photos because I was busy eating and I can’t remember how managed to try all of it! The only time I remembered to take photos was during the time I was eating the dessert. Since Jeju is known for its fresh seafood, they deserve two thumbs up for it.

The dessert is actually what I loved the most! Starting from the Stick-O like a chocolate stick up to the sesame cookie!! I keep coming back for it.

The ‘ocean view’ — which is the name of the hall we had our lunch isn’t as near to the ocean as I expected but yes, you can still see the ocean! Meanwhile, ICC jeju, being a convention area has very huge space for events. (photo from ICC jeju‘s website)

What to expect:

– The food is really good! It’s a must try! 

– Since it is designed for conventions, don’t expect a crowd when you come for a visit. 

– Unless there are group tours who’ll gonna take lunch on the venue like what we did. 

– There’s a duty-free at the basement of ICC Jeju. Just make sure to bring your passport with you if you are a tourist. 

– The staffs said that the best view is the ‘ocean view’ hall since it’s facing the ocean. (can’t exactly remember if it’s ‘ocean view/ bay view.’

– Internet in this location is fast! Go for live streaming if you wish so.


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